Let's Make The Changes You Need So That You Can Do What You Love

As a creative, passionate and driven person it can be very frustrating and draining when things shift or fall apart around you, or they feel stuck in some way. You need things to flow and work well so that you can focus on doing what you love and what you are best at.

You find the impact of change getting in the way of doing what you are drawn to and are truly meant to be doing. And you have limited time or energy to deal with these distractions. However it has become apparent to you that if you want your life and work to be a certain way, then you need to do something to create some changes for yourself.

You recognise that you need to get things in better order so that you can then be freed up to get on with doing what you love most.

As someone who runs their own business and works doing what I consider to be a calling, I really get this. I have dealt with many changes in my life from an early age, but particularly three years ago when my personal life crashed and severely impacted my professional life too.

One of my frustrations was how when one area changed, there seemed to be a domino effect across all my life areas, and I seemed to get (for a while anyway) further away from being able to effectively do what I most loved.

So I understand living through change from a personal and professional perspective and this has informed my coaching to be able to best support others in the same situation.

My coaching has two key themes:

1) Supporting you to rebuild your life when you need to

If you need to rebuild your life after significant personal change, or have realised that your life doesn't feel like a great fit for you any more, and so need to create changes, then I can help you to design and build a life that will be an amazing fit for you uniquely and which you will love living.

2) Helping you to sort out your work life when it feels off

I can help you get things moving if you are feeling stuck in your business, career or vocation. It may be that you have started a new phase and find you are wheel spinning, or that things just aren't going so well where you're at right now. I can help you to overcome what is holding you back and get you taking consistent steps towards what you want with clarity and determination.

If you think that I might be able to help you, I'd love to talk.


"Coaching with Hazel has been enlightening, I have become more focused and clear. Raising my awareness on what was the trigger that has held me back for months and that was: making the first step into an unknown field which was scary for me. But with Hazel's support I managed to come out of my panic zone and face the challenge as an exciting opportunity. I feel I have made progress and still do toward my goal, with Hazel's tools and additional resources that she shared with me, has made me feel more courageous to face any challenge that prevents me to move forward. Thank you Hazel for your great support."

(Antiono Rufolo, Restaurant Manager and NY Marathon Runner, November 2015)

"I feel like a different person - like I have found my way." (Rachel Ganeshwaran, Graphic Designer, April 2015)
"I can highly recommend Hazel for coaching, with a professional and friendly approach you feel in good hands immediately. I found our sessions to be fun, enlightening and very proactive." (Pauline - Personal Development Coach, October 2014)
"I am very pleased and satisfied with the coaching that I have received from Hazel and would not hesitate to recommend her to other clients." (Rachel, April 2014)
"She is an insightful practitioner, self-aware and enthusiastic about coaching. I found her to be supportive and encouraging. I certainly felt motivated and confident at the end of each session." (Beverly, October 2013)
"I'd thoroughly recommend her service to anyone who wants to make a change." (Karen, August 2014)
"A competent and professional coach, and yet, she creates such a welcoming and trustworthy environment that has made me feel at ease to talk openly about my aspirations or concerns." (Angela Belotti, Personal & Small Business Coaching, London, November 2013)