Learn to live powerfully and love life. Take a look at the coaching packages below to find the one that suits you best.

Anxiety Coaching

One To One Coaching and Online Programme

Move beyond living in the clutches of anxiety to living with greater peace, calm and confidence.

I coach and guide you through using tools that will help you have the means in your own hands to live powerfully and love life.

You'll learn a revolutionary new approach to tackle anxiety which puts YOU back in the driving seat not your anxiety, stress or overwhelm.

No more being slave to your thoughts, emotions and unhelpful patterns of behaviour. No more keeping your life small.

If you are ready to change things and be proactive then let's talk.

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Bespoke One To One Coaching

Bespoke One To One Coaching Packages and VIP Days

Bespoke coaching to get you moving forwards with greater clarity, confidence and ease, whether it be with your personal or professional life.

You have a pretty good idea about what you want but it's just not working right now. And deep down you know that the root of the problem lies within you.

You are feeling stuck and know that change is needed, or you have already made a big change but are wheel spinning and not getting going.

Hazel Addley Coaching

I will help you to work out what you really want, overcome any hurdles or resistance you are experiencing and support you to take strategic steps forward towards your goals.

This is about supporting and developing YOU, the person behind the passion, to enable you to progress along your chosen path with greater inner strength and resilience.

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Group Coaching

Manifest Mastery™ Accountability with a Difference

This accountability group supports you create what you really desire and gets you taking consistent action to make it happen.

This group helps you to get clear on your top priority goals and to work on how you may be getting in your own way.

There are two live group video accountability calls each month to support you with the next step actions to make your goals a reality. On these calls you will get time in the spotlight and you will also learn manifesting theory, some practical coaching approaches and the real magical ingredient... how to manage your energy so that it supports rather than hinders you.

Woman with arms in air celebrating making her dreams a reality

If you are ready to do things differently and make amazing things happen AND you know you want to be operating at your best, and be connected and supported along the way, then come join us! 

(NB Places are limited)


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