Monthly Archives: September 2015

Do You Feel Regularly Irritated By Something?

Is there something that bugs you in your life? Something that repetitively bothers you? Something that really gets on your nerves? If it is something that has happened more than once then I challenge you to consider what you can do about it. It seems crazy to me to keep experiencing something that irritates you, if […]


Laugh Everyday To Increase Happiness

Coming from someone who has spent the last couple of years focusing what feels like almost every waking moment striving for something, it has become clear to me how incredibly important it is to enjoy the now. To relish every moment. To do that I have found having happiness as a daily goal really helpful. It […]


Things not working? Take a tea break

Sometimes you can push too hard at something. Sometimes you can push yourself too hard. I totally appreciate the need to put consistent and significant effort in to create something new or to get something off the ground such as a new business. However sometimes we push too hard. This can lead to getting ill or […]