Monthly Archives: October 2015

Are You Holding Yourself Back From Your Dreams?

Do you have a dream? Something you really want to be, do or have in your life? And you’re willing to make changes in order to have this. But for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to happen. You keep showing up but you don’t seem to get any closer. It is so incredibly common that we […]


Do You Struggle To Get What You Want?

Do you struggle to get what you want or to achieve your goals? Do things seem to be harder for you than for others? Do you often feel like you are swimming against the tide? If any of these ring true for you, it may just be that you need to make a slight shift to […]


How You Can Contribute To Improving The World

I watched the BBC highlights of the Global Citizen Festival last Sunday night with the total aim of watching Pearl Jam perform. However I came away with something I didn’t expect. My eyes were opened to a much bigger perspective of the world and of our power as Global Citizens rather than reactive bystanders to […]