Are You Holding Yourself Back From Your Dreams?

Do you have a dream? Something you really want to be, do or have in your life? And you’re willing to make changes in order to have this. But for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to happen. You keep showing up but you don’t seem to get any closer.

It is so incredibly common that we know what we want but we don’t seem to get there.

It could be fear getting in the way. Procrastination. Lack of know how. Lack of resources.

Whatever it is, it is like this dream won’t leave you. It won’t leave you alone and let you forget about it. But you don’t seem to get there either. You’re kind of stuck in the middle in a no-man’s land.

You know, because you’ve got this dream, that you can’t really go back to where you were before. Now that you’ve realised and admitted it to yourself. But going forwards equally can feel quite daunting or frustrating.

So what’s stopping you?

When I work with coaching clients, I find that the only real thing that is stopping them is themselves.

The only real thing that is stopping you is you. As frustrating as that sounds, in my coaching experience that’s the most common reason why people don’t achieve what they set out to achieve, what they dream of achieving.

You have everything within you to be able to manoeuver the resources, learn what you don’t know, find those missing pieces that will give you clarity on what next steps to take.

Part of my job as a coach is helping you to do all of those things.

You have such amazing potential within you. And there are just infinite possibilities for how you can do something or achieve something you want. As long as there is a really clear intention to do it, and passion, and the commitment is there.

I believe your dreams can become a reality.

So if any of this resonates with you and where you’re at, let’s talk:


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