Why You Don’t Feel Free

why you don't feel free bird flying

The frustrating thing with us humans is that we choose our cages and we choose to stay in them.

Amazingly it can often be changed often without changing anything in your external world.


Insecurity And Anxiety Get The Better Of You?

Insecurity and Anxiety Get The Better Of You?

Do your insecurities and anxieties seem to creep out and haunt you? Do they jump out and take you unawares? Do they whisper in your ear that you are… … not good enough? … that you’re not doing the right thing? … that if it goes wrong it is all your fault? Does your insecurity […]


Comfort Zone Stopping You From Being Happy?

Comfort zone stopping you from having the life you want?

It is so easy to get into a safe, comfortable place in life and stay there. Even when you’re not happy. You may have heard this referred to as the ‘comfort zone’. It is our automatic instinct to seek safety and staying the same can seem like the safest option. But if you are not […]


Eeeek! Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow I am going to start working on a big goal for me… I am going to start running! I imagine a big gasp and a ‘Dun Dun Duuuun’ noise after that declaration. For me this is a biggie and I am feeling pretty scared if I’m honest. I have only ever tried running a […]


Are You a Dream Stealer?

Are you a dream stealer

I have a dream that one day I will live in a mini-manor house. I can literally see it in my mind’s eye – wandering down corridors and hallways in my pyjamas, curling up in a nook or cranny to read a book, feeling the heat from an open fire on my face, appreciating the […]


Guest Blog: How To Begin To Open Up Your Intuitive Nature

I am so happy to share with you this guest blog written by Shannon Wallace – someone I admire very much. I have trained with Shannon in Shamanic Journeying and so know first hand the quality of Shannon’s wisdom and teachings. Enjoy… How To Begin To Open Up Your Intuitive Nature How do you know which path […]