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Power Up Programme

The Essential Pieces To Uplevel Your Business From The Inside Out To Have Greater Impact

Uplevel You.
Uplevel Your Business.
Uplevel Your Life.

Fed up of wheel-spinning and want to get your business moving forward?

Power Up Programme

Is there something that you know is the key thing that needs to happen next in order to grow your business and reach your goals, but you keep not doing it?

Are you feeling frustrated and fed up by somehow not doing what you know you need to do?

In the Power Up Programme you will get to work on you and your energy so that you can uplevel your business from the inside out.

If you have the skills and you know what you need to do in your business, but you are not doing it, then the thing you need to address is what is going on inside of you. When you do that so much more becomes possible for you and your business, and you start to take more powerful actions!

The Power Up Programme gives you the often missing, but totally essential, pieces to building a business that you love running and which is given the best environment to grow and thrive from.

On the Power Up Programme you will...

  • Get your energy and mindset into flow and alignment with what you are creating so that it supports your progress rather than hinders it.
  • Start building your business in a way that best suits you and your desired lifestyle.
  • Nurture your business’s greatest resource - YOU!... Investing in and strengthening you creates a firmer foundation to grow your business and marketing activities in a really powerful way. Go forward with increased clarity, confidence and resilience.
  • Overcome the inner hurdles that are slowing down or preventing upleveling in your business so that you can gain momentum and increase your impact.
  • Tackle the unique blocks that come up for you in your business and find your route to overcoming them powerfully

This programme is for you if...

... You are ready to embrace your true potential and uplevel powerfully in your business.

... You are ready to get things moving forwards - to stop wheel spinning and risking burnout, and to gain momentum in the right direction.

... You want to have more confidence in your business and marketing activities reaping the results that you desire.

… You want to show up at your best in your business.

... You are ready to overcome whatever has been holding you back from doing what you want to do and you are ready to do something different about it.

… You want to enjoy doing your business more.

The first place to start is always with you. Your energy, your mindset, your actions. This is the bedrock of everything you do and achieve in your business.

Programme Details:

8 weeks to enable YOU to become a firmer foundation for your business and to get your energy into alignment with what you are creating.

We will cover:

Lightening bolt image

Energy – Get your energy in flow and alignment

Hand holding plant

Goals –Set meaningful, inspired and compelling goals

Image of an apple

Core Values - Understand what your core values are and how to work with them

Manaquin with hands on hips

Relationship With Yourself - Create an empowered relationship with yourself

Image of tree

Standards & Boundaries - Set crucial standards and strong boundaries

Man reaching up for a star

Mindset - Master your mindset and rewrite your story

Image of an acorn

Business - Align the energetics of your business

Figure climbing mountain

Resilience - Build resilience

How It Will Work:

This 8-week online Power Up Programme combines practical activities in the weekly workbooks and weekly live group Q&A calls. Plus email support on weekdays.

Programme Price: £699 (Payment plan available)

Deadline to sign up: 30th October 2020

Programme start date: 2nd November 2020

NEXT STEP... Book a Power Up Laser Call!

Have a 20-minute call with Hazel to discuss the biggest block that is keeping you from taking the vital next steps in your business, and discuss if the Power Up Programme is the right fit to help you to overcome this and get your business moving forward in the right direction!

Here are some of the outcomes that clients have had from working with Hazel:

Gaining more business

One client shared that she was the busiest she has ever been since starting work with Hazel!

Overcome your biggest fears

A recent client has gone from experiencing a debilitating fear of speaking in public (completely freezing and not even being able to read who they were out loud to a group) to being able to confidently deliver a business presentation.

Taking powerful action

For example, Client W finally launched an online programme after years of not making it happen.

Feeling more harmony and calm

Client X said she found a greater sense of peace around the work she is doing and around the route to achieving her business goals.

Better business relationships

Client Y was ecstatic to have improved relationships with her business partners and clients.

Confident action taking

Client Z felt ready to act promptly to make the most of an unexpected potentially lucrative business opportunity that lead to increased growth and visibility.

Better quality of life

Many clients have shared having a considerable reduction in stress and anxiety and increased confidence and work satisfaction.

Here is what clients have said about working with Hazel...

“I started this year with the wonderful coach - Hazel AddleyWhich took me from a position of being totally lost to having the best year my business has had since it started four and half years ago.

I approached Hazel for her help in regards to my business. I had become lost in the everyday and Hazel helped me to find my feet and renew my business purpose. We initially worked on the direction of my business and then expanded to implement a rebrand, now that I had a clearer vision of where I wanted to go. I would highly recommend Hazel. Within the first few sessions I was already back on my feet and winning more work than I knew what to do with.” (Rachel Ganeshwaran

"Hazel really knows her stuff. Had a 30 min laser coaching session and she really helped me get going again. I was so thrilled that I decided to join her bootcamp for business owners. Every business owner who is not getting the results she wants to have should book a session with Hazel." (Beate K Richter

“Hazel has coached me for my business and personal life and I loved working with her, because she is an amazing coach. She helped me realise the beliefs and patterns I was holding onto that were stopping me from making progress in my business and often didn't realise were there. She is great at asking the right questions to uncover what is really going on beneath an excuse, fear or belief. Working with her gave me clarity on what I want and what I need to do next. I came away knowing what actions to take and what could potentially come up to stop me and how to deal with them when they do. Every session with her excelled me forwards in my business and I am so grateful for that. I would recommend Hazel to anyone who is ready to uplevel their business.” (Ceza Ouzounian

I recently had a VIP session with Hazel. I have one word for it. TRANSFORMATIONAL.
We explored all things affecting my life and my business. I loved the methodical way that Hazel supported me in exploring the impact of some negative experiences from my past. We found things that were well buried, and I was able to release the energy and align to the outcomes I want.
Since the VIP session I have become much more aligned to my business goals, aligned to my life mission, and even without doing the homework ( yet 
:-)) things have radically improved in my closest relationships. A huge thank you lovely lady.” (Wendy Panther)  


"Hazel coached me through a very turbulent period of my life last: having just taken the leap into freelancing as well as having relocated to a different area... I couldn't have picked a better time for her help! Her guidance has helped me profoundly: She has helped me learn to recognise my own self-limiting behaviours, to really think about what I want and why, and to arm me to tackle challenges every day. I have learned to trust my instinct and can honestly say it's really paying off for me now. I have gained an inner peace, confidence and the wisdom to recognise what might be going wrong and how to fix it. Her coaching style is incredibly empowering, as I truly feel that I have worked hand in hand with Hazel to get to know myself so much better than ever before. I can't recommend Hazel highly enough - her holistic approach was exactly what I needed." (Rebecca Lehmann)

NEXT STEP... Book a Power Up Laser Call!

Have a 20-minute call with Hazel to discuss the biggest block that is keeping you from taking the vital next steps in your business, and discuss if the Power Up Programme is the right fit to help you to overcome this and get your business moving forward in the right direction!