Energy Work

Introduction to doing energy work with The Energy Alignment Method (EAM)

Inner work is at the heart of everything I share with clients. It is where I believe where the biggest shifts and transformations in our lives and businesses stem from.

This is about shifting the energy within you that isn't serving you (and probably making you feel shit too!), and transforming it into energy that better supports you and your goals.

When you do energy work, so much more becomes possible for you... and life gets to be easier and happier.

You can attain...

... Greater inner peace and well-being

... Better relationships.

... Greater flow in all areas of your life and work... which makes things easier and more fun... This can look like more harmony at home, feeling happier and more satisfied in your work, getting into a flow state more often which leads to better focus and productivity and happily losing yourself in activities and getting loads done.

... Achieving goals becomes easier... No more fighting or pushing or struggling to make your goals happen as you become more magnetic to what you desire to create and manifest in your life... That dream client/job/partner/home/holiday... Opportunities and syncronicities to help you with this become more bountiful AND you are ready to see them and act because your energy is in sync with your goals rather than fighting against them.

Energy work is about taking your awareness of what inside of you needs to evolve next and actually doing something practical about it to let resistant energy go and put something better in its place.

I have found that simply being aware of what you need to shift internally often isn't enough to clear it from your system. However, through doing an energy practice you can clear up the deeper roots of what triggers you or holds you back, and make space for more profound changes, starting from the inside out.

When you do the energy work and address who you are being first, the changes to your energy ripple out and lead to changes in your life and your experience of the world around you.  

To do this I use the Energy Alignment Method (EAM).

The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) is a 5-step energy psychology tool that you can use to release resistant energy (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, patterns or habits of behaviour that undermine you, negatively charged memories etc) and transform it into positve energy that is in flow and alignment with who you are and your goals.

This tool has been life changing for me and for so many others!

Doing energy work with EAM has been instrumental in helping me to...

... Manifest my dream relationship with my dream partner.

... Heal a lot of pain from my childhood.

... Overcome generalised anxiety and fear of flying.

... Become way more confident doing the different elements involved in running a business.

... Improved relationships with family

... Significantly increased my self-worth

In the video below, I show you how to start using EAM.

Here is a video guide I created to show you how to start using the Energy Alignment Method (EAM) yourself...

If you would like to find out how to apply EAM in your business, you might like to check out the free 5-day Power Up Your Business programme here: