Unleash the Full Potential of Your Business By Stopping Confusion and Indecision Paralysis

Are you side stepping making a decision in your business, or avoiding looking at a particular area due to confusion about what to do? Are you struggling to make a choice, and this is holding you back from moving forwards?

Indecision and confusion halts progress towards your goals and shuts you down emotionally. Whilst in this state, you are energetically u-turning and going round in circles, until you break this cycle.

If you run a business it is important to address confusion and indecision, and any associated avoidance going on, as it may be getting in the way of putting out new products and services, attracting new business, or operating your business most effectively.

Any area where you have confusion or indecision will be energetically impeding the flow in your business. There will most likely be repercussions to this, even if it isn’t immediately apparent. Such as stalling on acting upon opportunities and missing out to competitors.

A recent client really wanted to produce an online programme to fill a gap in their services. This had been planned for years, but somehow it never got completed, even though they knew there was a need for what they are offering, and they had amazing content planned. It was the wall of choices they were facing that left them feeling overwhelmed and defeated before they even got started. This kept shutting them down over and over, and they didn’t manage to get things moving until we worked on clearing the energy behind what was causing the resistant feelings.

Your job as a business owner is to get each area of your business tuned up and working optimally to give the best service and get the best results that you can. Addressing areas of confusion and indecision are a powerful and essential step to enabling your business to operate at its full potential.

Why inaction is bad for your business

Whilst you are spinning on the spot stuck in indecision and inaction, you’re taking your eye off the business.

You are wasting your most valuable resources: time and energy by either getting battered about emotionally by the confusion and indecision, or you are wasting your resources trying to avoid facing what is causing the indecision and confusion.

This is an energy leak. Like an oil leak in a car – it drip drip drips away, depleting your energy and over time causes stress on you and your business systems.

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Are you hiding?

Are there areas in your business that you avoid because you don’t know what to do about them? Do you just skip over them when looking at your planning and quickly move onto something else?

Burying your head in the sand and not facing up to the less comfortable areas of your business can lead to much bigger problems in the future. Adversely, by facing them you might lead to your biggest growth!

Becoming conscious of the fact that you are hiding and in avoidance is the first place to start.

Consider where in your business you are wheel spinning and not moving forward? What do you avoid thinking about or addressing? What do you dread working on?

These are all areas where you hold resistance and your business would be greatly improved (and you would feel much better!) if you faced them and got on with working out what needed to happen in order to move forwards. If you took the time to actually look at them one at a time you may well find that the next steps to move them forwards become clear with relative ease and that you can take some actions right away.

Any steps forward in the direction of sorting these things out is good, no matter how small, as it starts to create momentum in the direction you want to go in.

Energetically, hiding from your resistances gives out the message that you are not ready for more business as you seem to be struggling with what you already have going on. So, it looks like you are not yet ready to handle more and you may find opportunities dry up until these resistances are resolved.

Scared of making the wrong choice?

Fear can be useful when it comes to stopping you from getting hit by a bus or burning yourself on the hot stove. But it is not useful when it stops you from achieving your goals.

Fear of making the wrong choice can be a powerful suppressant on your energy and debilitates your trust in yourself to make the best choice.

Fear is resistance that needs to be cleared from your energy if you want to lead and manage your business optimally.

If this fear is a recurring pattern for you then there is energy work to be done here to clear it from your system on a deeper level, as the recurring nature of it indicates that it may be stemming from experiences from a much earlier time in your life, that are playing out on a subconscious level now.

Maybe the choice you are facing could link to some serious or big changes, that once done can’t be undone. Maybe you fear what the possible options might mean for you. Your resistance around the possible options you are facing may not just be about potential negative implications of the decision you make. Maybe you have resistance in your energy to potential successful outcomes too.

I see this a lot with my clients who actually, for example, fear getting more clients onto their books, as that means having more work to do… and if they have this then that will eat into their already stretched time, and they fear becoming overworked and it depleting their quality of life. So, they subconsciously stall on making the decisions and taking the subsequent actions that will get them more work as a way of avoiding this feared outcome happening.

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Your head doesn’t know all the answers

Logic is a great skill to have when making decisions. But your mind can become overshadowed by fear and resistances, which then triggers the indecision and confusion.

Learn to hear and trust your intuition in the mix of your decision making. Learn to sense your gut instincts and act upon them. A lot of successful people credit this for their successes. You know which ones they are as they are usually the very first instinctive answer you give to a question, before fear then rushes in with its logic and puts a dampener on things.

Make a practice of tuning in and listening out for that very first answer to your questions around what to do.

Adopt a mindset of making a conscious choice – action or inaction

Don’t just let yourself be paralysed by inaction. Make a conscious choice between action or inaction.

Inaction is fine, as long as you choose it, rather than just reacting to fear or overwhelm shutting you down. With this option, let go of fighting with trying to make a decision and allow yourself some peace in that.

If you choose action, then look at what is stopping you from making the decision. Is it fear (which can masquerade as gut instinct if you are not careful) of making the wrong decision playing out for you? Is it that you don’t know enough to make an informed decision?

Identify whatever it is and then do something about it. Take the next logical step forward in the direction you want to go in. This might be something super simple like allocating some time to think about the topic in more detail or to do some research to get better informed. It doesn’t have to be big action, just take some positive action.

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Is there ever really such a thing as a wrong decision?

  • What are the potential worst consequences of the choice you have to make? How bad could it get? Be as dramatic as you like with this.
  • Then consider what are the potential best outcomes from this choice (remember to think as big as you did with the worst ones)?
  • What are the potential results of things staying the same? Of nothing changing whatsoever.

With each of your answers, think about how realistic they are and how you might be able to handle each one if it happened. Know this – that you can handle whatever comes up. No matter how extreme the circumstance, you will either learn and grow from it, or you will thrive, and positives will occur. Either way, there is always a win somewhere in there (even in the hardest of situations).

If the idea of making the wrong decision really eats you up and troubles you – then there is some work to do here on your energy.  

A client of mine had a profound fear of making the wrong decision. This fear kept her spinning in a web of confusion and indecision, and no matter which way she looked at the options, she would find herself right back at the beginning with no clarity on the best route forward. When we looked at her energy on this, it turned out that this fear of making the wrong decision was deeply rooted in her energy linked to childhood experiences and the relationship with a parent.

The fear of making the wrong decision was replaying for her painfully over and over until we got in there and cleared this all from her energy. That then paved the way for her to consider the options in a better light and actually make some decisions, knowing that whatever the outcome, she could handle it and actually became excited by what was now freed up to create in her business.

In conclusion…

Confusion and indecision cause wheel spinning and inaction in your business. For your business to operate at its best, you need to address any areas where you are experiencing this. Great management is about being able to lead powerfully and decisively.

Avoidance of directly facing your weakest areas, or of decision making, is stalling and delaying in ways that could prove costly to your business. The longer you stall on making a choice, or allow confusion to reign, the longer your business isn’t working optimally and you will be experiencing resistance in your energy, which will stop you from showing up and doing your best.

Once you make your choices, you have then freed yourself and your business up to moving forwards. You then know what actions to take and can get things moving in the direction of your goals.

You and your business are then able to thrive, operating at your full limitless potential!

If you are getting stuck in confusion and indecision about an area of your business, or you find that fear of making the wrong choice is shutting you down on taking action, then let’s talk.

Book a call with me and we can have a (no obligation) chat to see where you are getting stuck and start to get you some clarity on what your next steps are. Let’s get things moving forward and unleash your true potential!

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