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The 'Conversations Amongst Friends - Life, Health, The Universe and Everything Podcast' is hosted by Hazel Addley and Ceza Ouzounian, and focuses on personal development.

Ceza and Hazel met when training as Energy Alignment Method Mentors, and clicked as business buddies and good friends.

After many conversations about life, business, energy alignment and relationships, they decided to go public with some of these conversations to share the uplifting and empowering nature of stepping up as a leader on your own life journey and aligning your energy to work for you. 

New Shows Coming Soon!

After reviewing our first adventure into podcasting, we are excited to announce that new shows will be coming in May!

These will have a new shorter format and be much more focused in on topics, so that you can get even more value from each episode.

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Episode 4: Style and Fashion

Special Guest, Jo Trewartha accompanies us this week, where we nerd out about style and fashion with a round of quick fire questions. Lots of laughter and fun in this week's episode!

Jo Trewartha - Personal Performance Facilitator and Trainer https://freeyourmindsolutions.com

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Episode 3: Creating Change To Live the Life We Desire 

This episode we chatted about creating change! What changes are required to create a life we want to live and desire to live. How to deal with changing situations when the change is out of our control.

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Episode 2: The Amazing Feeling of Music, Going To Gigs and Singing

This episode we chatted about the feeling that music gives you! The amazing feeling of music, going to gigs and singing.

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Episode 1: Intuition, Friendship, Our Journeys and Sleep

Our first ever episode! Yay! We talk about intuition, friendship, our journeys and sleep.

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