Pursuing My Passion – My Experiences Producing My First Group Coaching Programme

It has been a very enjoyable and rewarding process creating the Design a Life You Love workshop, webinar and online programme. I have been working on it since the end of last year and feel pleased to be at a point where I am able to share it as a programme for others to take part in. On the creative side it has been wonderful getting to indulge in forming and shaping something. I have loved all those times when I've had to dive for the pad or tape recorder to capture a thought or idea. I've also relished the exploring and learning I have been doing to build on my ideas. This has been a magical time for me as my work doesn't normally involve actively creating.And then there has been the presenting. That has definitely been outside of my comfort zone. I did my first workshop in January, hot off the heels of having my first appearance as a guest on a radio show. And since then I have done a whole bunch of workshops, a couple of talks and presented my own webinars. Crazy right?! From the girl who couldn’t even bear to even sit on a stage in front of people, to actively creating opportunities to present to and lead others. This whole experience has felt like a journey of discovering and releasing a part of me that has been hidden even to me.

It has not been all roses and butterflies however. Along with growth externally, there has needed to be a lot of growth internally. I have been blessed to have much support from professional colleagues, peer support groups, collaborative groups, coaches, friends and family. A part of my growing has been actually learning to ask for help and support.

In January I was too stubborn to ask for the support I needed. As I started making some of this new stuff a reality, an internal subconscious part of me cried out for me to stop with all these shenanigans. It did this in the form of incredibly scary and painful cramps between my shoulder blades. I ended up in a hospital bed with a suspected blood clot, wondering how I had gone from elation at doing my first workshop with a wonderful bunch of people the day before, to lying there alone, fearful that there might be something seriously wrong with me. Gladly, all was fine, and it was identified that I was just incredibly tense. My body was giving out a painful message to do things differently.

What surprised me was that the stress seemed to be good stress. I was really pleased with the workshop experience. However with hindsight I realise that it was overshadowed by a sense of isolation and that I needed to be more proactive to find the right support when expanding myself internally and externally.

Another challenge I found when producing the programme is that I actually have to let people know about it in order for them to be able to take part. This has felt incredibly uncomfortable as I swung between the perfectionist in me wanting to get it right, to needing to just get on and do it, and to be okay with learning how as I go. A big challenge with this has been how to communicate about the programme in a way that gets the message across in an appealing and effective way. I have had to be brave enough to speak up and invite people to join with me in this programme even when a part of me has wanted to hide from putting myself out there.

And then there’s follow up. This is something I have avoided doing on many occasions as I have worried about over doing it and offending people. However, it was pointed out to me that I was doing my contacts a disservice if I didn’t do strategic follow up for the programme or any other service I offer. I have learnt that some people need multiple reminders or wait for a final call before they’ll make a decision to take action on something that they want.

So, despite the sometimes thorny challenges around producing a programme, I am thoroughly pleased to have pushed myself to do this. Being passionate about what I do and acting with a sense of purpose, and believing in the value of what I am offering, is where I have found the strength to keep pushing my boundaries and create something that I genuinely believe is of benefit to others.

And as a bonus, I get to do what I love with a whole new bunch of people! Yay!

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