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“My goals were to become more confident, to relate to family and partner better, to regain employment and to improve my health, financial and social life. Coaching has helped me to achieve all of the above, turning me into a happier, positive and more confident person and although some aspects are still ongoing I can definitely see a ‘rainbow’ up ahead and I could not have achieved any of this without Hazel’s help. Thank you so very much.” (Julia)
"Coaching with Hazel has helped me to review my goals, my personal and business core values and my personal interests and passions.

Hazel has helped me understand why I have a passion for my business and how my core values reflect how I manage my business.

My fears and uncertainties have also been addressed, and Hazel has helped me to confront these and learn how to relate to and understand them.

The outcome from my coaching with Hazel is a much greater sense of peace and understanding of why I chose to start my business and how I conduct myself with my clients.

My personal and professional development has gone up to the next level through Hazel's wonderful guidance and gentle questioning.

The value of the coaching has been enormous in terms of how I see myself and my business progressing in the future.

Coaching has enabled me to re-think and resolve many issues in my personal and professional life that I would not have been able to tackle without Hazel's wonderful coaching skills."
(Maria Chumas-Baker, Virtual Office Direct)

"Hazel coached me through a very turbulent period of my life last: having just taken the leap into freelancing as well as having relocated to a different area... I couldn't have picked a better time for her help!

Her guidance has helped me profoundly: She has helped me learn to recognise my own self-limiting behaviours, to really think about what I want and why, and to arm me to tackle challenges every day. I have learned to trust my instinct and can honestly say it's really paying off for me now.

I have gained an inner peace, confidence and the wisdom to recognise what might be going wrong and how to fix it. Her coaching style is incredibly empowering, as I truly feel that I have worked hand in hand with Hazel to get to know myself so much better than ever before.

I can't recommend Hazel highly enough - her holistic approach was exactly what I needed."
(Rebecca Lehmann - Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Artist)

"Working in the arts, I was initially hesitant about working with a life coach, as I'd always viewed it as mainly business oriented and possibly not a good fit with the unconventional and unpredictable ways of a freelance performer.

However, Hazel's unique approach of combining professional and personal life coaching, with the emphasis on creativity and design, really helped me develop a plan to balance the demands of a career and home life, while focussing on what really matters to me most in both realms. She showed me that life coaching doesn't have to be about driving ambitions dominated by business models, but works best if it's tailored to the individual.

I would highly recommend her services."
(Laure Meloy, Soprano/Voice Teacher/Consultant)
"The impact I received from Hazel's coaching has changed the way I saw the problem with a more positive attitude which enabled me to overcome the fear and lack of confidence.

Hazel had the ability to make me feel comfortable to express myself freely and I felt listened to. She understood what prevented me moving forwards and with her support, skills and knowledge has helped me not only to achieve my goal, but also improve my level of confidence. I overcome the fear just by facing it and realising how to maintain my level of motivation.

I benefited from Hazel's coaching and I definitely would recommend her as a great and professional coach.Thanks Hazel for your great support."
(Antiono Rufolo, Restaurant Manager and NY Marathon Runner)

"I approached Hazel for her help in regards to my business. I had become lost in the everyday and Hazel helped me to find my feet and renew my business purpose. We initially worked on the direction of my business and then expanded to implement a rebrand, now that I had a clearer vision of where I wanted to go. (Rebrand to be launched later this year). I would highly recommend Hazel, within the first few sessions I was already back on my feet and winning more work than I knew what to do with. I hope to continue working with Hazel later on in the year." (Rachel Ganeshwaran, Graphic Designer)

"Hazel is a great coach. I felt really cared for, really got a great deal of help with all my projects. I feel very satisfied with the coaching I received and the goals I set feel right for me. I would totally recommend Hazel. She is a brilliant coach." (Sally)
"Being coached By Hazel was an wonderful experience. I was stuck with so many ideas and so confused about how to move forward. Through the coaching sessions I started to see clearly the steps I need to take to grow my business. The way Hazel formulates the questions and patiently waits for my answers helped me to feel less overwhelmed and focus on what to do, in my priorities. During the four weeks we worked together I did achieve so much regarding my business, and from a ‘ I don’t have time to relax’ position I could even manage to have a nice long weekend away with my boyfriend.

The best thing for me now is to see I am moving towards my goals making a lot of progress. Coaching gave me a sense of organisation, achievement, feeling grounded and relaxed."
(Claudete Tomaselli, Psychotherapist)

"I worked with Hazel on many areas of my life and since being coached by her have achieved numerous goals in my life. Her questioning technique really challenged me at times and I was able to come up with lots of options, creative ideas and put action plans together after each session. Hazel was very supportive and encouraged me throughout our coaching journey together. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Hazel, she helped kick start other areas of my life. Many thanks Hazel - I have achieved a great deal." (Annette)
"I can't speak highly enough of her approach. Hazel challenges effectively, brings clarity and focus to each session. I came to the sessions with a broad subject matter. Hazel managed to work through issues quickly to gain an understanding of my operating context in order to facilitate the sessions.

She is an insightful practitioner, self-aware and enthusiastic about coaching. I found her to be supportive and encouraging. I certainly felt motivated and confident at the end of each session."(Beverly)

"Hazel's coaching over the seven sessions has been brilliant. I have enjoyed the luxury of Hazel's calm manner, happy to listen to all aspects of my life. The process of closely examining important areas in my life has been valuable in making me appreciate what is good. Taking things that I am not happy about and working through ways to improve this has been fantastic.

I have come away from the coaching with the desire to live more for the moment, and improve everyday life. Writing a journal, read a book ‘The Salmon of Knowledge' and thinking about evening Tai Chi classes are all positive actions that have come out of the coaching, to help me work towards a happy existence."

"Hazel has really helped me with a number of goals, personally and professionally. I have been able to work through many issues through her coaching as well as other areas such as the Wheel of Life. This has been over a number of months and has had a very significant impact on my personal and professional development.

I have found Hazel to be a caring, intuitive and professional coach with excellent listening and coaching skills. As I have got to know Hazel well she has been able to ask me more challenging and probing questions which has been very helpful and helped me to enjoy the coaching process more and more.

I am very pleased and satisfied with the coaching that I have received from Hazel and would not hesitate to recommend her to other clients." (Rachel Hudson, Director of Lingo Lingo Language School)

"I initially met Hazel through Kent Creative Live and was immediately impressed with her enthusiasm for her work. At the time, business coaching was something I had mostly negative experiences of. However, without forcing it on me, Hazel cajoled me into giving it another go, on the basis of it being one-to-one sessions with a particular emphasis on focus, which is something I had been struggling with at the time. I also mentioned that I needed someone to kick my butt when I didn’t quite managed to achieve my goals. Hazel does this, but you’d never know it! Our sessions were developed around the “why” rather than the “how”, which I found incredibly useful and motivational. It became apparent that Hazel is extremely knowledgeable and has a great way of allowing you to come up with the answers yourself. I always went away from a session feeling like I had a clear idea of what to do next, which for me, was a god send! If you’re looking for a professional, relaxed business coach who takes a genuine interest in your goals I would recommend Hazel wholeheartedly."(Richard Torble, Headshot and Portrait Photography)