Power Up Programme

For Creative Business Owners To Develop The Inner Confidence and Deep-Rooted Self Belief To Take Their Business To The Next Level Of Success... And Beyond!

✨ Do you want to feel greater confidence to do your business your way... to evolve it in the way that feels most right for you?

✨ Are you ready to uplevel your sense of self-worth and trust in yourself... so that you have the inner strength and resilience to make your vision for your life and business a reality?

✨ Are you willing to do the inner work to free yourself from the persistant inner blocks that get in your way... so that you can show up at your best in your business and do your best work?

The 6-month Power Up Programme will help you to uplevel in business and harness your full potential through doing the inner work to support the outer business growth.

You are taught a powerful system to get into energetic flow and alignment with your business, your goals and your relationship with yourself. 

This programme will give you the different pieces to help you structure your business in a way that best suits you and who you are, and it helps you to show up with greater confidence when you work on your business systems and marketing strategy. 

What you learn on this programme will enable you to create a business you love running and have the impact you want to have in the world.

Places are via application only as we want to make sure that this programme is the right fit for each participant.

The investment is £1195 (group only option) and £2495 (enhanced option with private coaching). Payment plan is available.

To explore further if this programme is a good fit for you, book a call below. 🙂

Uplevel You.
Uplevel Your Business.
Uplevel Your Life.

Here is what some of the participants have said about the Power Up Programme...

I have and still am really enjoying this course, I have learnt a lot about myself and continue to learn more as I grow as a person and my business, which is happening quicker and quicker.

I have been adding what I have learnt into my business and daily habits, which have allowed me to do things that I previously would not have done as I didn't know how to change my feelings about it and get through the fear.

Hazel has been there every step of the way to hold my hand and guide me when I was stuck .

I did a 10-minute presentation that went great. I didn't stutter or feel like I was going to have a heart attack which sometimes happens when I get too nervous.

I would recommend Hazels course for anyone that is ready to start learning more about themselves, their thoughts and beliefs that are holding them back and is ready to change and grow as a person and grow your business or career.

What I really love about this course too is that I have learned techniques that I use in all situations that come up. It feels like taking back control and I know I will go through the course again and get more out of it each time."

Kelly Eldridge - Website Consultant

Here are some of the outcomes that clients have had from working with Hazel:

Gaining more business

A graphic designer client shared that she was the busiest she has ever been since starting work with Hazel!

Overcome their biggest fears

A website designer client went gone from experiencing a debilitating fear of speaking in public (completely freezing and not even being able to read who they were out loud to a group) to being able to confidently deliver a business presentation.

Taking powerful action

A marketing strategist client finally launched an online programme after years of not making it happen.

Feeling more harmony and calm

A coach client said she found a greater sense of peace around the work she is doing and around the route to achieving her business goals.

Better business relationships

A business coach client was ecstatic to have improved relationships with her business partners and clients.

Confident decision making and action taking

A financial advisor client felt ready to act promptly to make the most of an unexpected and potentially lucrative business opportunity that lead to increased growth and visibility.

Better quality of life

Many clients have shared having a considerable reduction in stress and anxiety and increased confidence and work satisfaction.

✨ Are you a creative business owner who is passionate about what you do and feel like you have found your calling?

✨ Is it important to you show up in your business at your best and to embrace your full potential?

✨ Would you like to grow your business in a way that is in integrity with who you are, your core values and your priorities... and to do it in a way that feels spiritually connected, grounded and fun?

If so, I can help...

I am an energy alignment and mindset coach who has developed a programme for business owners to uplevel their business from the inside out.

Through the Power Up Programme I teach practical methods for how to shift your energy and mindset to be in flow with your business goals, starting with uplevelling and strengthening you first, and then onto your business and marketing activities.

This is where you overcome your inner blocks and unhelpful programming, and change them to something more liberating and empowering!

This is about creating a strong foundation for your business and building from there.

If you have the passion and drive but keep getting stuck on certain elements of your business (usually the ones that you know you most need to overcome), then this is for you.

This is for you if you know that the key to external progress in your life and business starts with what is going on with you on the inside.

This is also for you if you are ready to show up more confidently in your business and get those bigger results that you fantasize about.

The Power Up Programme is a mix of rich workbooks, and mentoring and accountability support via small group online calls.

I absolutely love this stuff! I have shared my life’s work in these workbooks – putting in all the key elements that I have learnt personally and believe every business owner ought to have in place to operate effectively and create a successful business they love running.

I have gone through working myself into the ground, almost hitting burnout multiple times and debilitating anxiety. The energy and self-development strategies and tools I teach have changed all of that!

When you shift your energy from resistance to flow, and you overcome your inner hurdles, you get to thrive in your business life, your goals become clear, and the results follow as you take inspired actions.

This is your time to show up in your business in a new way and become the you who really loves life and business! 

This programme is for you if...

... You are ready to embrace your true potential and uplevel powerfully in your business.

... You are ready to get things moving forwards - to stop wheel spinning and risking burnout, and to gain momentum in the right direction.

... You want to have more confidence in your business and marketing activities reaping the results that you desire.

… You want to show up at your best in your business.

... You are ready to overcome whatever has been holding you back from doing what you want to do and you are ready to do something different about it.

… You want to enjoy doing your business more.

The first place to start is always within you. Your energy, your mindset, your actions. This is the bedrock of everything you do and achieve in your business.

On the Power Up Programme you will...

  • Get your energy and mindset into flow and alignment with what you are aiming to create so that it supports your progress rather than hinders it.
  • Start building your business in a way that best suits you and your desired lifestyle.
  • Nurture your business’s greatest resource - YOU!... Investing in and strengthening you creates a firmer foundation to grow your business and marketing activities in a really powerful way. Go forward with increased clarity, confidence and resilience.
  • Overcome the inner hurdles that are slowing down or preventing upleveling in your business so that you can gain momentum and increase your impact.
  • Tackle the unique blocks that come up for you in your business and find your route to overcoming them powerfully


Power Up Programme

Group calls once a month



Power Up Programme

Group calls once a month


Private coaching monthly (6 x 90-minute sessions)


Programme Details:

8 steps to enable YOU to become a stronger foundation for your business and to get your energy into alignment with what you are creating.

We will cover:

Energy – Get your energy in flow and alignment

Overcome those sticky inner blocks and resistances that have been keeping you stuck and not taking action.

Goals –Set meaningful, inspired and compelling goals

Know where you are headed and ensure it is where you really want to be going.

Core Values - Understand what your core values are and how to work with them

Get in tune with who you really are and work with your inner rule book (rather than it working against you!)

Relationship With Yourself - Create an empowered relationship with yourself

Boost your self-worth so that you actually allow yourself to take action and receive what you most desire.

Standards & Boundaries - Set crucial standards and strong boundaries

Make a stand for what is important to you and protect it.

Mindset - Master your mindset and rewrite your story

Stop putting up with your inherited inner programming and rewrite it to better suit you!

Business - Align the energetics of your business

Overcome the resistances you have linked to your business and money that are slowing down your progress.

Resilience - Build resilience

Balance your yin and yang energies to avoid burnout and increase the wellbeing of you and your business.

How It Will Work:

This 6-month Power Up Programme combines practical activities in 8 workbooks with monthly live group Q&A calls to support the implementation of what you are learning and provide a space to connect with others who are on a similar journey. 

There will also be a 121 30-minute induction call in the first month after you sign up to personally support you as you start doing the energy work.

The 'enhanced' option includes a 90-minute 121 coaching session each month to further support you to address any blindspots or inner blocks you might not see clearly on your own and to boost the energy alignment work you are doing.

The spaces available on the programme are limited in order to maintain the high quality support. 

Programme Price: £1195 (group only option) and £2495 (enhanced option with private coaching). Payment plan is available.

This programme is currently evergreen and so the doors are open now!

Next Steps: Book a call to discuss the programme and see if it is a good fit for you. Places are through application only.

HAVE QUESTIONS?... Let's have a chat!

You are welcome to have a 20-minute no obligation call with Hazel to answer any questions that you have about the programme. It is important to make sure that the programme is the right fit for you and vice versa.

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Here is what clients have said about working with Hazel...

I started this year with the wonderful coach - Hazel Addley. Which took me from a position of being totally lost to having the best year my business has had since it started four and half years ago.

I approached Hazel for her help in regards to my business. I had become lost in the everyday and Hazel helped me to find my feet and renew my business purpose. We initially worked on the direction of my business and then expanded to implement a rebrand, now that I had a clearer vision of where I wanted to go. I would highly recommend Hazel. 

Within the first few sessions I was already back on my feet and winning more work than I knew what to do with.

Rachael Ganeshwaran  - Graphic Designer

Hazel has coached me for my business and personal life and I loved working with her, because she is an amazing coach.

She helped me realise the beliefs and patterns I was holding onto that were stopping me from making progress in my business and often didn't realise were there. She is great at asking the right questions to uncover what is really going on beneath an excuse, fear or belief. Working with her gave me clarity on what I want and what I need to do next. I came away knowing what actions to take and what could potentially come up to stop me and how to deal with them when they do. 

Every session with her excelled me forwards in my business and I am so grateful for that. I would recommend Hazel to anyone who is ready to uplevel their business.

Ceza Ouzounian - Relationship Coach

Hazel coached me through a very turbulent period of my life last: having just taken the leap into freelancing as well as having relocated to a different area...

I couldn't have picked a better time for her help! Her guidance has helped me profoundly: She has helped me learn to recognise my own self-limiting behaviours, to really think about what I want and why, and to arm me to tackle challenges every day. I have learned to trust my instinct and can honestly say it's really paying off for me now. I have gained an inner peace, confidence and the wisdom to recognise what might be going wrong and how to fix it. 

Her coaching style is incredibly empowering, as I truly feel that I have worked hand in hand with Hazel to get to know myself so much better than ever before. I can't recommend Hazel highly enough - her holistic approach was exactly what I needed.

Rebecca Lehmann - Graphic Designer

I recently had a VIP session with Hazel. I have one word for it. TRANSFORMATIONAL.

We explored all things affecting my life and my business. I loved the methodical way that Hazel supported me in exploring the impact of some negative experiences from my past. We found things that were well buried, and I was able to release the energy and align to the outcomes I want.

Since the VIP session I have become much more aligned to my business goals, aligned to my life mission, and even without doing the homework ( yet 
:-)) things have radically improved in my closest relationships. A huge thank you lovely lady.

Wendy Panther  - Spiritual Business Mentor

Hazel really knows her stuff. Had a 30 min laser coaching session and she really helped me get going again. I was so thrilled that I decided to join her bootcamp for business owners. Every business owner who is not getting the results she wants to have should book a session with Hazel.

K Beate Richter - Inner Balance Coach

Hazel is a genuinely encouraging and supportive coach who will help you face your challenges head-on, then break them down into manageable next steps. A short session with Hazel helped me to see things more clearly and plan a different way to approach a task that I had felt hugely resistant about and had been avoiding. Hazel will motivate and empower you to take action, ensuring you are held accountable to follow-through on your commitments.

Anwen Cooper - Brand & Marketing Strategist

Some of the inner challenges that participants have addressed on the Power Up Programme have included...

Feeling frustrated by repeatedly not taking the actions that they knew would take their business to the next level.

- Not making as much progress towards their business goals as they wanted.

- Feeling angry at themselves for jeopardising their personal goals that are hinging on their business uplevelling.

- Feeling like they were drowning under too many to-dos and always being busy.

- Frequently feeling not good enough and having an overactive inner critic. 

- Knowing something within them was holding them back somehow in their business.

- Money blocks

- Struggling with not enough time

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is this business coaching?

No. There are many amazing business and marketing coaches and trainers out there for that. This programme is energy and mindset coaching aimed at working with established business owners who are ready to address the inner blocks and resistances they have linked to their business and marketing, and the progress more confidently towards their goals.

How will the programme work?

The programme is delivered as 8 workbooks that will be emailed to you as a link to download over a 5 month period. There are also 'absorption weeks' built in for you to absorb what you have been experiencing, catch up if necessary and rest. There will be twice monthly online group Q&A calls, which will continue for the full 6 months to give you extra support to further implement and embed what you have been learning.

What is the Energy Alignment Method?

The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) is a 5-step energy psychology technique that you can use to release resistant energy (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, patterns of behaviour, negatively charged memories etc.) and transform it into positive energy that is in flow and alignment. 

What if I can't keep up or don't finish on time?

Although you are supported and encouraged to complete the programme within the 6 months, everyone takes it at their own pace and there is only support and no judgement around this. 

When you get to the end of the 6 months you will be invited to remain in the community for a small monthly fee and so can continue to have access to the accountability, support and connection on the twice monthly group calls. This option is available for both those who haven't completed the workbooks yet and for those who have completed them and welcome support to continue to apply what they have learnt beyond the end of the programme.

The content you are taught can be used over and over again to facilitate each uplevel in your life and business!

How much time will this take?

There is no exact answer to this as everyone will have a differing amount of energy and mindset work to do. It will also depend on if you are a detailed sort of person or not. A rough estimate would be to allow 2 - 4 hours a week. Some weeks it might take less time and others weeks will take more time.

How do I apply?

Enrolment on the programme is by application only. To apply, fill in the questions to book a call with Hazel and on the call you can explore with Hazel if this is the right next step for you at this time. 

We only want people on the programme who this is a genuinely good fit for, so there will be no pressure to buy. It is just a chat to help you get everything you need to make the right choice for you.

When does the programme start?

The programme is currently evergreen. So you can start whenever you are ready to join.

You will be invited to join the group Q&A calls when you start. Everyone on them is at a different stage of the programme. The programme content is designed to be used over and over, so everyone benefits from hearing about each other's experiences at any stage. 

HAVE QUESTIONS?... Let's have a chat!

You are welcome to have a 20-minute no obligation call with Hazel to answer any questions that you have about the programme. It is important to make sure that the programme is the right fit for you and vice versa.

Book your call via the button below.