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3 Steps To Letting Go of Your Anxiety
- How To Feel Better When Anxiety Hits and Start Shifting It For Good!

Free Live Webinar Reveals...

How to address three of the most common myths that keep you feeling stuck living with anxiety and actions you can take to start feeling better now.

You will learn:

  • What is REALLY going on with your anxiety and how to change it.
  • Understand some common myths around anxiety and why they aren't true.
  • 3 powerful techniques for feeling better anytime you need to.

* If you are unable to attend live then do still sign up and you'll be sent a recording afterwards.

Hazel Addley is a Life Coach, Speaker and one of the first 16 founding EAM (Energy Alignment Method) Mentors in the world. 

Hazel has worked with hundreds of people creating transformations. She inspires people to create a life they love, and teaches them how to live powerfully so that they feel happier, fulfilled and to enjoy life more. 

"I cannot recommend Hazel highly enough. She is intuitive, sensitive, caring, passionate, extremely sharp and a fun and wonderful guide." (Rebecca April 2017)

"I've felt the benefits in myself since working with Hazel and have been amazed at how effective it is." (John, April 2017)

Hazel Addley Coaching

Live Webinar - 7.30pm BST

Wednesday 30th May 2018

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*Individual results may vary.

It's important to know that results may vary and are not guaranteed. You have to actually apply the strategies we teach if you want to shift your anxiety and the scale of the results will be bespoke to you. However, my goal is to steer you towards techniques and methodologies that will help you head in a direction that will help you start to feel better.