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"I work with business owners on their energy and mindset to overcome the invisible barriers that hold them back in business. This enables them to get into flow and harness the true potential within them to confidently create the life and business they dream about. 

I am on a mission is to support as many business owners as I can to learn how to overcome self-sabotage, stress, anxiety and playing small, because I have been there - feeling stuck living a shrink-wrapped anxiety-ridden life, where I was experiencing debilitating fears, exhaustion and plagued by emotional baggage on a frequent basis. 

This all played a part in stemming my potential to really step into creating the business I dreamed of running and the life I wanted to be living.

I have come so far on my journey with this that I feel driven to share what I have learnt so that other business owners have the know-how to step into their power to improve their quality and experience of life, and to create the business that gets results and they love running."

Hazel Addley

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"Coaching with Hazel has been enlightening, I have become more focused and clear. Raising my awareness on what was the trigger that has held me back for months and that was: making the first step into an unknown field which was scary for me. But with Hazel's support I managed to come out of my panic zone and face the challenge as an exciting opportunity. I feel I have made progress and still do toward my goal, with Hazel's tools and additional resources that she shared with me, has made me feel more courageous to face any challenge that prevents me to move forward. Thank you Hazel for your great support."

(Antonio Rufolo, Restaurant Manager and NY Marathon Runner)

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"I feel like a different person - like I have found my way." (Rachel Ganeshwaran, Graphic Designer)
"I'd thoroughly recommend her service to anyone who wants to make a change." (Karen)
"I can highly recommend Hazel for coaching, with a professional and friendly approach you feel in good hands immediately. I found our sessions to be fun, enlightening and very proactive." (Pauline - Personal Development Coach)
"I found her to be supportive and encouraging. I certainly felt motivated and confident at the end of each session." (Beverly)
"She creates such a welcoming and trustworthy environment that has made me feel at ease to talk openly about my aspirations or concerns." (Angela Belotti, Personal & Small Business Coaching, London)
"I am very pleased and satisfied with the coaching that I have received from Hazel and would not hesitate to recommend her to other clients." (Rachel)