About Me 

The coaching I do is inspired by my professional background as a freelance arts manager, my personal development journey and the challenges I have faced and overcome. I have a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy and I continue to learn and develop my skills.

Coaching with me has two strands:

I coach creative professionals and entrepreneurs to grow and thrive professionally. This is a great fit if you are feeling stuck in your business or career and know that things have got to change. This is also helpful if you have already made a big change but have found that you are wheel spinning and getting going is proving tough. I can help you to get things moving and get you speeding towards your goals!

Speeding Towards Your Goals...

Alongside this, I also deliver coaching programmes around how to design a life you love. If you have experienced a significant personal change and want to rebuild the life areas that have been impacted in a way that will be a brilliant fit for you, or if you have realised that your life could be more fulfilling and want to address this, then I can coach you to design and build a life that you love living, which is an amazing fit for you uniquely.

I do this through bespoke professional development coaching combined with a personal development toolkit.

My Coaching Ethos

I particularly enjoy supporting the unique journeys of individuals and organisations. Through combining professional development coaching with personal development tools I support the person behind the professional to get your priority life areas in balance to increase wellbeing and achieve professional success.

Professional Background as a Freelance Arts Manager

After completing a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design with the Kent Institute of Art and Design, I entered the world of work, teaching circus skills outreach workshops alongside working in a bookshop. My journey took me onto a couple of years doing payroll in corporate and education settings, which inspired me to pursue the extra dimension that I felt working in the arts provided.

So I studied an Intensive Arts Management Diploma at Birkbeck College and embarked upon a career as an Arts Manager. In that capacity I worked cross sector with various art forms including visual arts, dance and music, and often with projects linked to education. My work has been varied and interesting, ranging from conducting evaluations in immigration removal centres to event managing a concert involving over 300 children to producing bespoke professional development programmes for educators and creative practitioners on behalf of national partners.

My Biggest Challenge

Three years ago my long-term relationship of fifteen years came to an end. I was unprepared and felt completely crushed. It had a negative impact on every area of my life: health, finances, relationships, home environment, work... As a freelancer I worked from home and so lost my work environment. I had to move house, divide all the possessions up and face the terrifying prospect of being single. Anyone who has been in a similar situation will know that it is more than this though. There is the loss of your dreams. All your habits and routines have to change. A period of grieving and adaptation needs to take place. I found myself swinging from frantically overworking to being unable to get out of bed, let alone work on a client's project. Over that period I hit the lowest points and felt like I was bouncing along rock bottom.

Although I found it an extremely painful transition things did eventually start to feel better. Slowly, a day at a time. Now, I can honestly say that I am living a much much better life than before the breakup. It is not necessarily about the outer stuff. For me it is the internal journey that is important. The one from deep despair and panic through to elation, happiness, fulfilment, optimism... The list goes on.

I now run my own coaching business, have a much more balanced life (including lots of fun and laughter!) and actively pursue goals that I never would have had the confidence to do before! I feel like a better version of myself who lives life fully and relishes the adventure of it all.

Due to the experiences I have had in this area, and of those close to me, I feel I have a lot to offer as a coach to entrepreneurs and professionals who need to rebuild their life, themselves and often their business after the impact significant change, such as an important relationship coming to an end.

Walk My Talk - Being An Authentic Coach

I consistently challenge myself to live my own best life through personal development and goal setting. In 2013 this took the form of tackling two of my lifetime goals: to travel the west coast of the USA and to follow my favourite band on tour. When I embarked upon this, I knew the goal was technically possible, but I had no idea how to make it happen or whether I could overcome the hurdles I faced (which included a lack of funds, travelling alone and a fear of flying!).

I worked towards this goal for four months and with the support of coaching I did it! I saw 8 concerts in 7 cities over 3 weeks, travelling from San Diego to Seattle, with a quick trip to Vancouver squeezed in. I had the time of my life! It proved to me that I can achieve my dreams if my motivation and commitment are strong enough and I take consistent action. It also showed me that I am fully capable of doing whatever I want.

I still feel invigorated and amazed by how much that wonderful experience has opened up my thinking and, by consequence, my entire world. All this has been brought about through the medium of coaching. My goal now is to use my coaching skills to help others to feel as happy and excited about their life’s potential as I continue to do about my own!

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