Live Powerfully Love Life - Hazel Addley Coaching

About Hazel 

Hazel Addley is an international transformational Energy Alignment and Mindset Coach.

She is qualified in Personal Performance Coaching with The Coaching Academy and is an accredited Energy Alignment Method (EAM) Mentor. 

Hazel is a Human Design enthusiast who embraces her 1/3 Emotional Projector nature. She is passionate about self-development and lifelong learning. 

Building on her background of working in arts management, Hazel specialises in working with creative business owners who want to pursue their passions and their sense of calling, whilst navigating life and business in the ways that feel most right and in integrity to them.

Hazel helps her clients learn the skills, and gain the insights and confidence, to do the inner work to then enable the outer changes they desire. This is through combining coaching, energy alignment work, Human Design and personal development. 

She teaches her clients how to get into energetic flow and alignment with what they are wanting to create, and how to apply other fundamental elements that she believes every business owner would benefit from having in place in order to help them create a business that thrives and they actually love running.

During her 8 years in business, she has worked with 100's of people from around the world creating transformations in her role as a professional coach and as one of the first 16 Energy Alignment Method (EAM) Mentors in the world.

Hazel has been a frequent public speaker, addressing topics such as 'The Chi of Business.'

She was featured in Ensemble Magazine. She had her own radio slot on the Kent Creative Arts Radio Show, has appeared on Kent Radio, Who Cares Wins Radio Show and Women In Business Radio Show.

In 2016 she was finalist for a Kent Women in Business Award for Start-Up Business of the Year in 2016, and in 2019 she was a finalist for the Innovation Award (which she feels particularly proud of as it shows that she brings something different to coaching!). 

Everything Hazel teaches has come from her own experiences of being in business, being proactively on a self-development path herself and with a dash of Taoist philosophy thrown in. She has been on her own personal development journey for over 15 years which has taken her on an incredible inner journey of transformation. Having taken herself from living an anxiety ridden, "shrink-wrapped" life to consciously overcoming her fears and finding a sense of peace and direction in life. Although she says that she is always a "work in progress," she is now living life from a place of much greater joy, love and freedom and has a much deeper-rooted sense of self-worth and value.

Hazel believes that everyone deserves to feel amazing and powerful living their life, and to have the tools to profoundly improve their quality of life, starting from the inside out. Hazel's approach is to learn and experiment in her own life and to share the insights she gains with her clients.

She is a massive Pearl Jam fan, often travelling around the globe to see them play live; she regularly attends Taoist internal energy arts classes learning neigong, qigong and tai chi; she enjoys singing in a local community choir in Canterbury, Kent, UK; and loves hanging out with cats and dogs.