Human Design Readings (Series of Readings)

Series of Human Design Readings with Hazel Addley

Are you ready to dive deep into your human design and understand the power of how you are uniquely wired for success and happiness?

When you book a series of readings we get to go DEEP into your Human Design chart and unearth the infinite potential that lies there!

I love doing regular readings with clients as it means that I can get to know you and your design better.

Together we can explore where your strengths and gifts lie and I can help you understand how to apply this knowledge to help you achieve what you desire in your life and business.

This is about tuning into how to do life and business YOUR way - in the ways that feel most good and right to you!

About a series of readings…

These are monthly 60-minute Human Design readings that you can book as a set of 3.

You will receive a recording of each reading via email afterwards so that you can refer back to it as you put what you learn into action in your life and business.

These calls are bespoke to you (just like the Personal and Business focused readings) and can be used to learn about new parts of your Human Design and to explore how you are implementing what you learn from your design.

It is fun learning about your Human Design, but the real power comes from putting what you learn into practice in your life and experimenting with it. So these readings are for you if you welcome support with that.

Due to this, these readings often include insights into where to 'decondition' and I share how to do this with energy work.

You will come away from a reading with key things to put into action between calls.

the aim of these readings are to support you to build deep self-trust, self-worth and belief in yourself, To more deeply understand your design and how you are wired for success (whatever success means to you), And to be able to stand fully in your power and create a life and business that you love!

Book your series of human design readings

This series of monthly Human Design readings are 60-minutes long and take place on video call. You will receive a recording that you can download after each call. 

We look at your Human Design chart and you will get insight and actionable tips to implement straight away.

Hi there! I'm Hazel Addley

I am an energy alignment and mindset coach who loves helping business owners do the inner work in order to have successful and rewarding businesses that they love.

I am a qualified in personal performance coaching and as an energy alignment method mentor, and I have loved bringing Human Design into the mix in my work with clients.

I got drawn to Human Design initially out of curiosity, but then dove deeper with it as I found it to be a rich resource of insight and stimuli for inner work and making outer changes in my life and business.

Before human design...

  • I was working long hours, including on the weekends.
  • I was pushing myself too hard in my business and risking burning out.
  • I was stressed, always feeling under huge pressure to do more and more to try to get clients.
  • I was following other people's success strategies even though they didn't feel good.
  • It felt like a fight to get every new client and often they ended up being the wrong fit for working together.

Since diving into Human Design and applying it to my life and business, things are very different for me now:

  • I have cut my working hours and work a lot less hours than I used to.
  • My business is structured to give me space for rest, refuelling and creativity.
  • I am way more relaxed and feel happier and healthier as I take better care of myself now.
  • I more easily attract the right clients for me and my work.
  • My business is more profitable.
  • Life and business is way more fun!
Hazel Addley - Energy Alignment & Mindset Coach

What did I do to create these results?

I decided to do things MY WAY! 

I gave myself permission to let go of my preconceived ideas about how life and business should be done.

I gave myself permission to let go of the pressure I felt from others to do approach life a certain way.

And I let go of straining to reach my goals.

Instead I tuned into my own inner guidance and I embraced focusing smaller, on the very next steps that felt good and right to me. I refused to do anything that didn't feel good or right to me. I worked on my energy and mindset and living more in alignment with the guidance I got from my own Human Design. I put taking better care of me at the heart of what I do.

I forged my own path for how I wanted to create a rewarding and successful business, and a life I love, and I support other business owners to do the same!

Book your series of human design readings

Want to dive deep into your Human Design and understand the power of how you are uniquely wired for success and happiness? Then I invite you to book a series of readings with me. 


I recently received a Human Design reading from Hazel and I can truly say the experience was transformative for me and deeply valuable. 

Hazel has an acute attention to detail and her experience as an energy coach shone through in the reading as her insights and interpretation of my chart were incredibly accurate and attuned.

Hazel has a gentle energy that allows the reading to naturally navigate with ease whilst being illuminating and deeply profound.

I recommended Hazel's readings for anyone interested in what Human Design can offer as a tool to help others make sense of their own energy, decision making processes and past experiences which for me has been incredibly powerful and healing. Thank you Hazel."

Kalli Daffin

Business & Marketing Consultant


Hazel has a way of putting one at ease immediately; her openness, approachable demeanour, obvious coaching experience and ability to really listen, enabled the whole conversation to flow naturally and delve deeper than I had expected.

We explored my Human Design in relation to my personal life and the insights and practical wisdom we revealed together (in one session alone) was remarkable.

I really look forward to more sessions when the time is right.

Thank you so much, Hazel."

Lauren Sebastian



Recently I had a Human Design reading with Hazel. This session was so interesting. She went through some of my chart and told me what it all meant. It was so useful as it helped me understand myself better.

It let me look at how I was living my life and running my business and what was going against what comes naturally to me. The reading really opened my eyes to where my strengths lie, and it helped connect up the dots. It made so much sense to who I am as a person. It helps you accept yourself as you are and without comparing yourself to others or judging yourself for not doing things like others do.

It was an insightful session, and I would recommend anyone interested in knowing more about their Human Design to get in touch with Hazel. You will get so much value out of the session and I'm sure you will learn a lot about yourself too.”

Ceza Ouzounian
Relationship Coach

Your Questions Answered

What is Human Design

Human design is a rich tool for self-reflection and for gaining a better understanding of yourself. Every human has their own unique Human Design chart which acts like a map to guide you to what your gifts and superpowers are and to where your challenges might lie.

The Human Design chart is influenced by a number of systems including the I Ching, astrology, the chakra system, the Kabbalah, and quantum physics, and it's based on the exact time, date, and place you were born.

What is a Human Design Reading?

A Human Design reading is a bespoke reading based on your Human Design chart.

In a reading we look at your unique chart and I share insights into what might be influencing how you live your life and do business, and where to look to move into greater alignment, abundance and happiness with ease.

How long is a reading?

A reading lasts 60 minutes.

How are the readings conducted?

A reading is conducted via video call.

Do I need to know anything about Human Design in order to have a reading?

Other than your date, place and time of birth, you don't need to know anything else in advance of a Human Design reading. In a first reading together I will teach you the foundational information about your unique design and then we would build on that in any subsequent readings you take part in.

Can someone understand their Human Design if their exact birth time is unknown?

The level to which you can understand your Human Design will vary depending on if you have an idea of the rough time of your birth and on how the design plays out across the day of your birth. 

What I mean by this is that Human Design is a very deeply layered tool and there may be elements of your design that remain the same across the whole day. You could learn about those elements with confidence that they are part of your design. But there might be other parts of your design that would change over that day, depending on the time you were born. For these, it can be really helpful if you have a rough time of day in mind.

So yes, you can learn about elements of your Human Design without an exact time, but it really does help to have a rough time at least.

What I do with clients who are unsure of their birth time is that I run their chart for various times across their date of birth to see if there is enough continuity of elements to be able to give a valuable reading. If it doesn't look feasible to get a comprehensive enough picture due to too many variables then we would not go ahead with the session.

Will there be something actionable to reference and work from?

The call will be recorded and emailed to you to download afterwards. You may find it beneficial to revisit it again over time as you put more of your design into practice in your life.

Durng the call I share tips to action as a follow up so that the content can transition into being applied in real life and not just remain an idea.

I like things to be practical and actionable as this is just the beginning of what is possible for you with Human Design. The real power comes from putting what I share on the call into practice in life and business afterwards. This stuff is to be lived and experimented with to be most impactful.

Would a personal or business reading be better for me?

There are two types of reading available - a personal focused one or a business focused one. They are similar as they focus on the same parts of your Human Design chart. However, the business one has a business spin to it and includes tips for applying your Human Design to your business strategy.

The personal one has more space to look at applying what you are learning about Human Design to other areas of your life.

Ultimately you and your business are one and the same. Your business is an extension of you and part of you. And your Human Design is yours personally.

My suggestion would be to pick the one that you are most drawn to and which feels most exciting to you. (Or if you already know a bit about Human Design, then to consult your Human Design authority to help you decide.)

How much is a reading?

A single reading is £175.

You can also book a package of recurring monthly readings. The price for 3 monthly readings is £475.

What elements of Human Design will you cover in a reading?

The first reading will be a 'level 1' reading, meaning that the focus on the essential fundamentals of your chart and how to put this into practice in life/business. This would include your energy type, strategy and authority.

After this there are further levels of reading available which will dive deeper into other aspects of your chart that will deepen understanding and help with the practical application of what you are learning. These may include looking at your defined and undefined centres, profile, karma, gates, channels, circuitry, variables and incarnation cross.

I already know about Human Design. Would a reading still be valuable for me?

That is your call to make. 

In a reading I share my take on Human Design and often cross over with energy alignment theory. The clients I have worked with who already know about Human Design have said that they found a reading with me valuable and that they have learnt more about their design as a result.

My suggestion would be to consult your Human Design authority and only book if it feels good and right to you to do so. (And if you have an emotional authority, sleep on it before making any decision.)

How would you say Human Design is different from an astrology reading?

I see Human Design in part as helping you to peel back the layers to find your true self beneath all the layers of conditioning, learned beliefs and habitual thinking and behaviours etc. It also provides guidance into how to live a way that is most aligned for you specifically.

I am not an astrology expert, but it looks like there are similarities to astrology. From what I understand, Human Design has a lot more layers to it than astrology, and that enables a more detailed and individualised design to be produced for each person. I have heard Human Design described as a natural successor to astrology and it being a system that takes you to the next level in providing an ‘accurate guide for life and a self-assessment device.’

My understanding is that astrology is a kind of first step or beginner level in self development. It introduces to each of the planets, the energy behind them and teaches about the different signs and what they impacted within you, and how they influence different areas of your life. Human Design also uses planets and placements, but I would describe it as more as another step. It actually helps you understand your energy overall, how to show up for yourself and others, and connects to your purpose and gifts a bit more.

If you have a question that hasn't been covered above, please drop me a message here.

Ready to Book your series of human design readings?

Want to dive deep into your Human Design and understand the power of how you are uniquely wired for success and happiness? Then I invite you to book a series of readings with me.