1:1 Energy & Mindset Coaching For Business Owners

1:1 Coaching Packages and VIP Days to Step Into Your Power and Unleash Your Potential 

Energy and mindset coaching is an amazing addition to complement the business and marketing training and coaching that you have already been doing.

It can help you to overcome the inner blocks that have stopped you from applying what you have learnt, and it can support you with taking the necessary actions to move your business forward. 

None of us like to think that we are not operating at our best. Especially when we are working our ass off trying to get things done. However, if you are putting this much effort in and are not getting the results you desire, then there are two things to consider: what actions you are taking and what is going on within your energy around this topic.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to move their business forward so easily and why others just wheel spin? The answer for both is their energy and mindset… and the subsequent actions that those enable (or disable) them from taking. They are operating more deeply in alignment for them and owning their power more.

If your energy is out of alignment with what you are wanting to create then you will always be having to fight and push for every inch forward that your business takes. This can feel frustrating, stressful and exhausting… And can ultimately lead to burn out or your business not being viable to continue.

If your energy is in alignment with what you want to create then things will flow with much greater ease and joy, and they will feel way more fun and fulfilling! AND it gives you access to your true potential!

When you operate your business from this place…

… You have greater access to your intuition (which many successful business owners have credited their success to, including Apple founder Steve Jobs!) …

… You have greater courage to take powerful actions that will make all the difference in your business…

… You have increased resilience and so are better able to overcome challenges and any bumps in the road ahead…

… You step into your own superpowers and kick ass in your business like you have never done before!

The work I do with clients supports you to access all of this!

I coach passionate, proactive, driven women who are committed to making their businesses a success, who are openminded and willing to take (sometimes uncomfortable) action to achieve this.

In 1:1 coaching we get right under the hood of your business, addressing your energy and mindset to get you into flow and alignment with your goals.

Extra benefits of this include...

  • Feeling able to embrace new opportunities with grace, ease and confidence
  • Showing up at your best in your business and your life
  • Freeing yourself from personal baggage that has impacted on your focus and depleted your energy for years
  • Improving your time management and productivity
  • Learning how to supercharge your efforts to reap better results time and time again
  • Enjoying your business more
  • Uplevelling your business with ease rather than push.

The practical tools, insights and guidance that I share in coaching sessions teaches you how to be in the best position to lead your business from and supports you to uplevel powerfully.

The options for working together 121 are:

Coaching Package - This is a 6-month coaching package where we meet twice monthly for a 90-minute energy alignment and mindset coaching sessions. This will be to help you progress towards a goal or desire, and address whatever barriers or hurdles might be getting in your way so that your energy and mindset supports you. This will be a mix of energy alignment work and coaching/mentoring. This can be great for helping you gain clarity and be focused on what actions to take and to feel more confident within yourself too. There will be actions to take between sessions and bespoke support between calls. £3300. (A payment plan is available.)

Book a call here to discuss if this option is right for you

(Don't worry, there is no hard selling involved. This is just a chat to see if this is right for you.)

VIP Session (half-day) - A 2-3 hour session where we do the energy work together on whatever you want to address and improve in your life and business. This is where we take a deep dive into doing the energy work together.

(This requires you having experienced The Energy Alignment Method before through working with me on one of my programmes or 121.) £495

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Here is what clients have said about working with me...

“I started this year with the wonderful coach - Hazel Addley. Which took me from a position of being totally lost to having the best year my business has had since it started four and half years ago.

I approached Hazel for her help in regards to my business. I had become lost in the everyday and Hazel helped me to find my feet and renew my business purpose. We initially worked on the direction of my business and then expanded to implement a rebrand, now that I had a clearer vision of where I wanted to go. I would highly recommend Hazel. Within the first few sessions I was already back on my feet and winning more work than I knew what to do with.” (Rachel Ganeshwaran

"Hazel really knows her stuff. Had a 30 min laser coaching session and she really helped me get going again. I was so thrilled that I decided to join her bootcamp for business owners. Every business owner who is not getting the results she wants to have should book a session with Hazel." (Beate K Richter

“Hazel has coached me for my business and personal life and I loved working with her, because she is an amazing coach. She helped me realise the beliefs and patterns I was holding onto that were stopping me from making progress in my business and often didn't realise were there. She is great at asking the right questions to uncover what is really going on beneath an excuse, fear or belief. Working with her gave me clarity on what I want and what I need to do next. I came away knowing what actions to take and what could potentially come up to stop me and how to deal with them when they do. Every session with her excelled me forwards in my business and I am so grateful for that. I would recommend Hazel to anyone who is ready to uplevel their business.” (Ceza Ouzounian

I recently had a VIP session with Hazel. I have one word for it. TRANSFORMATIONAL.
We explored all things affecting my life and my business. I loved the methodical way that Hazel supported me in exploring the impact of some negative experiences from my past. We found things that were well buried, and I was able to release the energy and align to the outcomes I want.
Since the VIP session I have become much more aligned to my business goals, aligned to my life mission, and even without doing the homework ( yet
:-)) things have radically improved in my closest relationships. A huge thank you lovely lady.” (Wendy Panther)  


"Hazel coached me through a very turbulent period of my life last: having just taken the leap into freelancing as well as having relocated to a different area... I couldn't have picked a better time for her help! Her guidance has helped me profoundly: She has helped me learn to recognise my own self-limiting behaviours, to really think about what I want and why, and to arm me to tackle challenges every day. I have learned to trust my instinct and can honestly say it's really paying off for me now. I have gained an inner peace, confidence and the wisdom to recognise what might be going wrong and how to fix it. Her coaching style is incredibly empowering, as I truly feel that I have worked hand in hand with Hazel to get to know myself so much better than ever before. I can't recommend Hazel highly enough - her holistic approach was exactly what I needed." (Rebecca Lehmann)