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Power Up Your Business Experience

Power Up Your Business Experience - Day 1

(Free 5-Day Programme)

Day 1 - Know What You Want & Why

Yay! I'm super excited to share these lessons, resources and tasks with you this week.

If you complete each activity as instructed then by the end of the week you’ll be able to walk away having moved forward with overcoming the inner blocks that have been holding you and your business back, and feeling more ready than ever to take the actions that you know will take you towards your goals.

Before we jump into task 1, please note the following guidance:
1. Follow the process
2. Trust the process
3. Don’t overthink it

So let’s get to it. Today is simple. We’re going to:
• Get clear on your overarching mission for your business.
• Set the main business goal that you want to focus on now and get clear on why that is important to you.

I am hoping this is an easy and simple way to start this experience and be able to be completed in 30 mins or less.

So today's task...
Step 1: Watch the Day 1 video below.
Step 2: Download the worksheet for this task here: DAY 1 Worksheet.pdf  (No need to print it. You can just use it as a guide and make notes elsewhere.)
Step 3: (Optional) Watch the Day 1 live call recording from when I ran this experience live.

Now is the time to do this! Yay! Let's get going!

Recording of Day 1 live call:

See you tomorrow for Day 2!

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