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Power Up Your Business Experience

Power Up Your Business Experience - Day 2

(Free 5-Day Programme) 

Day 2 - Areas for growth

Today is an important day as this is all about working out where the areas are for growth and development within you and your business.

Part 1 - Is taking a snapshot of what is challenging you right now.
Part 2 - Is looking at your business through the perspective of the business triangle to gain a different perspective.
Part 3 - Is delving a little deeper to understand some of the triggers beneath the surface.

Although doing the work today has the potential to feel uncomfortable at times, as it is focusing on the negatives, know that this is about gathering information so that we can then get to work on shifting the negative energetic charge of these things later on in the week.

1. Follow the process
2. Trust the process
3. Don’t overthink it

Step 1: Watch the video.
Step 2: Download the worksheet for this task here: DAY 2 Worksheet.pdf

You got this! Go fact find!

Recording of Day 2 live call:

See you tomorrow for Day 3!

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