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Power Up Your Business Experience

Power Up Your Business Experience - Day 4

(Free 5-Day Programme) 

Day 4 - releasing resistances

Yesterday you learnt how to use the energy technique. Today you are going to apply it to clearing your resistances.

This is an epic day where you get to face some of the things that have been holding you back in your life and business, and you get to shift them and transform them into something way more positive and liberating!


So let's get to it….

1. Follow the process
2. Trust the process
3. Don’t overthink it

Step 1: Watch the Day 4 video.
Step 2: Download the worksheet for this task here: Day 4 Worksheet.pdf

Let's do this!

Recording of Day 4 live call:

* Please note that prices and details of the Power Up Programme have changed since this live recording.

For more information about the Power Up Programme go here: https://hazeladdleycoaching.com/work-with-me/power-up-programme

See you tomorrow for Day 5! 

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