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Power Up Your Business Experience

Power Up Your Business Experience - Day 5

(Free 5-Day Programme) 

Day 5 - Being & doing

So here we are! The FINAL TASK!

A massive well done on reaching this stage of the programme!

But we're not done yet! You have one more day of activities to complete!

Today you will be working on embodying who you need to be to create the success and goals that you desire.

You are also going to start taking action towards your big business goal!

So let's get to it….

1.Follow the process
2.Trust the process
3.Don’t overthink it

Step 1: Watch the video.
Step 2: Download the worksheet for this task here: Day 5 Worksheet.pdf

NEW Step 3: I invite you to consider joining the Power Up Programme as this is a natural evolution from the work you have been doing this week (if you have not already joined): https://hazeladdleycoaching.com/work-with-me/power-up-programme

Right! Let's go with the Day 5 activities...!

Recording of Day 4 live call:

* Please note that prices and details of the Power Up Programme have changed since this live recording.

For more information about the Power Up Programme go here: https://hazeladdleycoaching.com/work-with-me/power-up-programme

Congratulations on reaching the end of the programme! That is a massive achievment! 

This programme is designed to be used over again and again to help you review how things are going with your business and keep things moving forward in the most aligned way for you. So you are very welcome to pick it up and revisit the material as many times as you desire. 

Much love, Hazel