Yay! It is my Business Birthday!

This week my coaching business turned 7 years old!

There have been so many twists and turns and highs and lows since I started this journey. So much has changed (and come full circle!) with who I work with and how I help them.

So much has changed within me too. I am still the same person and yet so totally different too! (I guess doing a profound amount of energy work on oneself does that, lol)

The things that have remained consistent throughout have been…

… my love of coaching and helping people to find their own right answers
… my love for all things self-development
… my mission to help others to know how to help themselves to have a better quality and experience of life from the inside out
… being drawn to working with creatives and individuals who see the world a little differently to others
… being driven, motivated and passionate about what I do
… my commitment to my business (it is still my baby, no matter what age it is!).

I have known from the outset, with every fibre of my being, that this is what I want to be doing… That this is my calling… And I am so grateful 7 years on to still be doing what I love!

Something for you to play with to get into greater flow…

Even if you are not celebrating a business birthday, what business milestones can you celebrate?

I have found that boosting the feel good factor is an amazing way to lift your spirits and take you into greater alignment energetically with what you are wanting to make happen in your business.

A simple way to do this is to make a list of successes, big and small things, from both the past and present, related to your business.

When you write this list, allow yourself to feel good about those things. Fill up on that feeling.

You can repeat this exercise regularly to give you an energetic boost!

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