A few thoughts and tips for managing the winter season smoothly

I am going to share with you some thoughts and tips about managing this time of year in a way that is in tune with the season.

This week, being both the Winter Solstice and Christmas is an energetically significant time of year.

We make the switch from the days getting shorter each day, to starting ever so slowly get longer again as we turn towards the new year.

Here are a few tips for greater health and wellbeing this season:

 - As much as you can, hibernate... This time of year is about rest and storing up your energy so that you have a good reserve built up in the tank to enable you to support your spring in Spring. I know that modern life does not generally support living with the seasons and yielding to them, however I would urge you to find ways to rest up as much as you can over the coming weeks.

 - Eat and drink warm foods... This will help conserve the energy it takes your body to raise the temperature of cold food to body temperature.

 - Get good quality sleep... Early to bed, late to rise. This will help replenish the energy expended on all the activities preparing for Christmas and further build up your reserves.

 - Wear a scarf whenever you go outside... If the back of your neck gets cold it goes straight to your nervous system and tenses up other parts of your body. Keep warm to avoid creating unnecessary aches and pains.

 - Pay attention to what you are saying to yourself and how you are feeling and behaving around others... We have been processing a lot of changes outside of our control lately and having to adapt to Christmas and life generally being subject to unwanted restrictions. The emotional fall out from this might make tempers fray and increase yours and others tensions in the house. Be mindful of whether any negative feelings are really based on what is happening in any given moment, or if they are actually created by something else bothering you on a deeper level... And also, always remember that your feelings are yours. Nomatter what someone does outside of you, your reaction to it comes from you and so is your responsibility to manage. (I know this is easier said than done, so go easy on yourself if you are not perfect with just. Just noticing how you are feeling and behaving in the moment is a powerful thing!)

I know a lot of people dislike this season, and wish it away. But I love it. Without the contrast of winter, we would not be able to as fully appreciate the joys of the other seasons.

Letting go and creating what's next...

This time of year, especially with the Winter Soltice having taken place a couple of days ago, it is a prime time of year for letting go of anything that you don't want to take forward into the new year.

That could,for example, be physical stuff, digital stuff, mental and emotional baggage, habits that don't support you or situations you are in.

It is also a fantastic time for getting clear on what you want to have more of in the coming year.

I love to take time between Christmas and New Year to do just that. I take time to reflect on what has transpired over the past year and to capture my dreams, desires, intentions and goals for the next year.

You get to create your experience of life. Yes, there is lots that is outside of your control. But you choose what you keep, how you show up, where you take action and what dreams to bring to life.

Regardless of outside factors, let's all do whatever is within our own power to create an amazing 2021! 

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