Stop inner resistances negatively impacting on your business

Whether you are a new or an experienced business owner, it is common to experience huge inner resistances that slow down and potentially sabotage your progress.

I delivered my Chi of Business talk recently to Netwomen, a women’s business networking and support group, and shared about the different flows of energy and about how to work with your emotions to help identify and overcome inner resistances.

I was asked about whether as a new business owner it is common to be in resistance or reversal in your energy.

My answer is yes. But there is more to it.

As a new business owner, you are facing lots of unknowns and learning new things. You are frequently charting new territory and stepping out of your comfort zone. This can all cause your resistances to rise up, and the part of you designed to keep you safe gets triggered and it tries to stop you from going any further.

As a more experienced business owner that can also be the case for you too, as you are also frequently growing and learning and covering new ground. As you expand areas of your business and create bigger goals, as well as when you achieve new levels of success, this can trigger resistances in your energy and causes something within you to try and shut this growth down.

How do you know this is happening?

You find yourself feels pretty shit about various aspects of your business and you keep avoiding doing certain things. Your inner critic is rife with negative self-talk and you are not getting the results you want in particular areas.

The key thing to know is that no matter how successful you are in business, or what type of business you have, you are always going to be reaching new levels energetically which will bring up new limiting beliefs, fears, self-doubts. When you do things to evolve your life or business, you face waves of inner resistance.

And you know what? That is okay.

It is completely normal to experience resistances in your energy. This is not a reflection of how good you are or how confident you are. It is just part of being human.

It is important to face the resistances that come up and to shift them into something more helpful and empowering.

To feel grateful at what they are showing you, as this awareness means that you can take action to clear them and this enables you to step into a new level of growth and expansion in your business and your life! Although it can feel pretty crappy, this really is exciting stuff!

If this resonates with you and you feel like you are wheel-spinning in a particular area of your business and are ready to do something different to change it, let’s talk. Book a no obligation call here and let’s see if I can help. 

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