How To Know If You Are Ready For The Power Up Programme

As the Power Up programme opens its doors this week for the early bird intake (it is an amazing offer! Do check it out!)... it got me thinking about how to ensure that the right people know this is for them.

The Power Up programme is aimed at businesswomen who are ready to unleash their true potential and uplevel their business so that it has greater impact.

It takes you from stalling or wheel spinning, feeling stuck at a plateau in your business to confidently taking strides forward to getting your business on the road to creating the bigger impact that you desire.

For some people this might be making more money, for others it's to overcome a confidence or anxiety hurdle holding them back, for others it might be launching a new product or service that they have been meaning to do for ages, but just never seem to get it done and out there.

The key thing that underpins this is that to make these changes it all starts with YOU.

The Power Up programme is for you if…

… You are a passionate, driven, motivated businesswoman on a mission to have greater impact with what you do.

... You know that you have to do something different in your business in order to stop wheel spinning and take it to the next level.

… You know and accept that the necessary next step to take your business forward is to focus inside, on you and what is going on with you internally.

… You are open minded and welcome support to evolve you and your business.

… You are eager for the next uplevel in your business and for what that will mean for you personally.

… You are willing to put in the work to get the changes you desire and don’t expect anyone else to fix things for you.

… You love what you do but are fed up with the resistances inside of you slowing down or even halting the progress you desire in your business.

… You are willing to face your biggest fears if that means you can create the life and business that you most desire.

… You are willing to stop and face yourself and what is going on within you whenever things don’t feel good, and are ready to release yourself from unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, patterns of behaviour and old programming that don’t serve you anymore.

… You are willing to increase your self-awareness and do activities to shift your energy from a place of resistance to a place of flow.

… You have the courage to face your baggage, and stay the course to clear it, even if that feels upsetting or uncomfortable.

… You are willing to be honest with yourself (and with me) about what you are experiencing so that it can be improved upon.

… You are ready to free yourself and let go of stress, anxiety and perfectionism.

… You are committed to putting the time in to do the work to create the changes you desire.

… You are open to working with your energy and mindset, and to dipping a toe into the spiritual side of things to unlock your true potential.

… You are ready to take responsibility for yourself, your results and your experience of life.

… You are commited to stepping into your full power and true potential and create what you most desire in life and business.

Here are examples of outcomes clients have seen...

  • Increased confidence with representing your business and with your marketing activities 
  • Improved business systems to support your business growth
  • Launching new products with greater ease
  • Improved relationships with business partners/suppliers/clients
  • Enjoying running your business more
  • Your services being in demand and gaining more clients than ever before
  • Taking better care of yourself and getting a better work/life balance.
  • Showing up in your business at your best.

If this sounds like you and you are truly ready to create the next level of change in your business... then let’s talk to see if the Power Up programme is a good fit for you.

Take a look at the Power Up programme information here and if you are ready to uplevel you, your life and your business powerfully from the inside out in order to have greater impact, then follow the link to book a call with me to see if this this programme is a fit for you!

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