Things not working? Take a tea break

Sometimes you can push too hard at something. Sometimes you can push yourself too hard.

I totally appreciate the need to put consistent and significant effort in to create something new or to get something off the ground such as a new business. However sometimes we push too hard. This can lead to getting ill or experiencing burn out. And if this happens we can find ourselves in a debilitating situation.

If we push too hard for too long we can lose touch with our intuition and make bad decisions. We can lose sight of what’s truly important to us and expend our energy on the wrong things. We can get so tired that we do things badly and jeopardise whatever we’re working on.

If you are feeling like you are going round in circles or constantly running at a brick wall, perhaps you are pushing too hard.

The solution? Just stop and make a cup of tea.

I know! A total Britishism. But it works. The simple solutions are often the best. Take time out to step away from what you are struggling with. Stop and step away from whatever it is that you are trying to force.

I personally love tea, and there are so many different types to try... but I’m digressing.

So stop and take a break. Take regular breaks. This isn’t slacking, it’s strategic!

Don’t like tea? You could take a walk instead. Or do some deep breathing. Go outside and feel the sun on your face. Or in my case, take time to feel a hot mug of tea nestled between my hands and feel the steam hit my face as I pause to sit back and take moment away from whatever I am working on to just be.

Do this regularly, even when you aren’t struggling, and you will reap rewards as both your productivity and your wellbeing increases. I have found that often my best ideas come to me in the in between times when I take breaks away from my work. I have found tea breaks to be good for business.

If you feel that you would benefit from having an external person to work with you to overcome blocks and achieve your professional or business goals, have you considered partnering with a coach?

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Okay, time to pop the kettle on.


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