Do You See A Disaster Or Just Another Next Step?

Have you ever noticed when working towards something that it seems like you are taking two steps forward and one step back a lot of the time?

When I embark upon something new I often find I experience a quick win to start with. Like I am being given a thumbs up that I am going in the right direction. After that though, things seem to get into a rhythm of two steps forward and one step backwards.

For example, recently I finally got around to taking my laptop to the shop to get it fixed and was told it should be easy to do and at a reasonable price (two steps forward). Then I found out they were unable to source a replacement for the broken screen from their particular suppliers and I needed to take it back and source one myself if I want it fixed any time soon (one step back).

These backward steps can feel disappointing and draining. At times it can feel depressing, and at others stressful, to have to deal with these often unexpected challenges. Sometimes we feel driven to frustration and exasperation. At worse they can completely stop us in our tracks and we may never pick up that path again!

Although they can stir up strong negatives in us, we do have a choice about how to respond when faced with these setbacks. We can choose to continue to go forwards navigating over these bumps, taking them in our stride, or we can choose to let them stop us in our tracks.

How do you deal with the ‘one step back’ setbacks that seem to perpetually come up? Do you get overwhelmed and let them stop you there and then? Do you get stressed or angry and give up?

I believe that success in life and business is based on how much we handle these challenges with grace.

Where I used to feel negative emotions in these circumstances, which could be debilitating, I now recognise that there doesn’t actually need to be an emotion attached to the situation at all. Often, after the initial flicker of emotion, I just let it go and get on with doing what it takes to solve it and move on. (The phrase ‘water off a duck’s back’ comes to mind.)

Sometimes I have felt myself drop into overwhelm when faced with unexpected blocks that come up in my path. Especially at times of big change. To deal with this I allow myself a time-out to rest and let my subconscious mull over the options. I might take a nap or go for a walk. I then find the answer usually comes to me regarding what steps to take next and I feel regrouped with the energy to take them.

I have also found humour, positivity and a proactive attitude to be a massive help when dealing with these situations. Being aware that this pattern happens can also be empowering as you can then put it into perspective and accept that it is a natural part of making progress.

What is your pattern for dealing with setbacks? What strategy can you put in place to handle these sorts of challenges with more grace?

If you repetitively attach negative emotions to these types of situations, you may find coaching a great support if you’d like to change this and develop habits that support you to progress towards your goals with greater ease and grace.

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Happy goal achieving!


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