What Does Embracing Your Power and Potential Mean?

We are infinitely more capable and have sources of greater strength than we usually give ourselves credit for.

I work with a lot of clients who are insightful, motivated, passionate and driven women. They know what they want and where they are going. They know how to achieve their goals. They are on it… Well, until they aren’t that is.

They are intelligent with how they do things. They make the most of their time and resources. But then they sometimes aren’t… and it frustrates them!

They know what they need to do to take their business to the next level. To grow it in the way they want, so that it can have the bigger impact they envisage, and it can then support the life changes they desire.


…. Something keeps stopping them.

As much as they show up, something keeps getting in the way.

Inner blocks and barriers

When we work together it becomes apparent that what is getting in their way is them. That something inside of them keeps tripping them up and stopping progress.

They can’t always see what it is, or they simply do not know how to overcome it, as it keeps throwing them into confusion or fear or massive discomfort.

And this thing is stopping them from embracing their full power and potential.

When we look at what it is that is tripping them up and keeping them wheel spinning, not taking the actions they know they need to take to move things forward.

It always comes back to one thing…

… What is going on in their energy.

This is deeper than mindset or conscious thinking. It is the (often subconscious) patterns that play within us on a deeper level.

Get Your Energy Into Flow

The key thing you need to know about energy is that it operates in 3 flows:

  • In Flow – where you are operating at your very best, it feels really good, natural and easy. (Expansive energy)
  • In Resistance – where you want something, but it feels uncomfortable and like something is holding you back. (Contractive energy)
  • In Reversal – where you automatically U-turn on a topic, like an allergic reaction, and you avoid it as much as possible. (Contractive energy)

If you stay in resistance or reversal on any topics linked to how you feel about you, your life or your business, then you will be restricting your progress and things will feel much harder for you. It might even be that you won’t let yourself have what you really want if there are resistances or reversals linked to your goals, what your goals might mean for you or the journey to getting there.

For example, if you have a deep fear of public speaking (reversal) and someone you respect suggests it as a vital way to promote your business, you are not going to get yourself go there and you will miss out on the opportunities that would have provided.

Or if you have a belief pattern running of worrying about what others think of you (resistance/reversal) then you will have a pattern of doubting yourself and not taking powerful and decisive actions at the right time. This may lead to prolonged inaction and delaying achieving your goals.

Both of these examples show how you are not operating fully in your true power and potential as overthinking or fear are taking hold.

This is how the resistances and reversals work. They take up residence in your energy, your mind, your emotions, even in your physical body as discomfort or ill health… And they keep you stuck staying the same.

Woman looking at mountain view with arms in the air

When you shift your energy into flow on as many topics in your life and business as you can, especially around your relationship with you, your goals and the routes to getting there, then you enable a natural expansion towards what you want.

This ease enables you to live up to your full potential as you can more easily hear and act upon your intuition. It means that you confidently take more inspired actions more often. It means that you attract to you more opportunities and synchronicities that will help you get where you want to go.

Fully embracing your power and potential means:

  • Having the courage and persistence to clear the resistances and reversals that come up in your energy linked to your life and business, and to shift this energy into flow and alignment on as many topics as you can.
  • To make a practice to doing this consistently over time, so that you not only tackle the back-log of resistant crap in your system, but you also address what comes up for you as it comes up and deal with it straight away (rather than letting it fester and become a bigger problem over time).
  • Through getting your energy into flow and focusing more on what you want to create (rather than on what you don’t want!) you allow your energy to continually expand and operate naturally at the level of your peak performance and potential.

THIS is embracing your true power and potential! From this place SO much more becomes possible for you!

Plus, it feels better, and you have more fun!

If you would like to learn more about how to do this (and so much more!), check out the Power Up Programme where I teach you how to shift your energy into flow and overcome what has been holding you back! (Enrolment open until midnight 18/9/20): https://hazeladdleycoaching.com/coaching/power-up-programme

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