10 Unexpected Signs That You Are Sabotaging Your Business…

If you are doing any of these then it is a sign that there is some sabotaging going on and that you are not showing up in your business in the best way you can… which means that you are likely to be slowing down your business development and growth…

1. You are carrying baggage from your past that is still repeatedly hurting you now and lowering your energy.

2. You are running your business from a place of need and desperation.

3. You have built your business on how you think businesses should be run rather than on what would suit you best.

4. You work with anyone who will hire you even if it doesn’t feel good.

5. You don’t have time to relax and take good care of yourself.

6. You are overworking frequently and feeling worn out.

7. You are repeatedly feeling stressed or anxious.

8. Your business doesn’t feel good or fun anymore.

9. You never switch off from thinking about your business.

10. It feels like a job.

If you are repeatedly experiencing one or more of these then you are in fact sabotaging and slowing down your business through your energy, mindset and behaviours.

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