Eeeek! Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow I am going to start working on a big goal for me…

I am going to start running!

I imagine a big gasp and a ‘Dun Dun Duuuun’ noise after that declaration.

For me this is a biggie and I am feeling pretty scared if I’m honest.

I have only ever tried running a couple of times in my life and it was an awful hellish experience.

I expected it to be something that I’d enjoy. You know, feeling liberating and free as I soar along the path.

But the reality felt really different. My body feeling wobbly and heavy and uncomfortable.

And worst of all was the breathing. The breathing is the thing that scares me most.

When I get really out of breath I feel like I am suffocating and I start to panic. I get claustrophobic and gasping for breaths that don’t come, and feels like I am going to die.

Sounds a tad dramatic maybe. But in that moment that has been my experience of it.

I so badly want to be able to run though. It is a goal on my bucket list to run 5K. And so far I have never felt able to get on with this goal.

But I have run out of excuses.

I now own trainers. I have some very basic technique advice. And I even that a gizmo to hold my phone as I run.

Now is the time.

So this morning I downloaded the Couch to 5k app, I read up on advice and I am ready.

I am nervous. I realise that I have some mindset stuff to work on beforehand. (Luckily I have the EAM tool to help me with that.) But I really want to do this. I want to prove to myself that I can do this!

So I am putting it out there so that I have some accountability as I step up and out of my comfort zone into the next step in my fitness journey.

Wish me luck!


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