Am I the right coach for you? My own specific brand of coaching is a cocktail of.

I have been thinking quite a bit recently about what sort of coach I am. It is common for coaches to specialise in a niche area, such as health coaching or finance coaching. This means that you not only get the coaching expertise, you also benefit from their toolkit of specialist questions or exercises particular to that niche.

Often when I describe what I do, people say 'Oh, so you're a life coach then,' as I am not a corporate or business coach. I'm not particularly keen on the term 'life coach' however as it feels too nebulous for me. Saying that, I definitely have elements of life coaching in what I do as I will work with you on just about any area of your life that needs addressing in order to achieve your bigger goal.

The coaching I do is a hybrid between business coaching, career coaching and life coaching. I am not any one of these exclusively, but I sit somewhere in the middle of them, as I can help you to develop professionally whilst supporting and strengthening the personal side of things as well.

The coaching I do is heavily influenced by my personal and professional journey, and falls into two camps:

  1. Professional development - combining professional and personal development coaching approaches to help you get unstuck in your career or business, or to tackle a new phase with the added umph provided by partnering with a coach.

2.Rebuilding after change - to consciously design a life you love living, which is totally in tune with who you are uniquely. This is particularly useful for you if you have experienced significant personal change and are now ready to take control and create what will really work best for you now. It is also great for you if you have realised that what you are living right now is not the best fit for you, and you are ready to do something about it.

If any of this resonates with you and where you are at, let's talk:


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