Change Is Going To Happen Anyway, So Why Not Create It Yourself?

One thing we can be sure of is change. It happens whether we want it to or not. It is happening all the time. Subtly. Like the earth constantly moving miles beneath our feet. Only occasionally do we actually feel it move and are forced to take notice. We often avoid creating change for fear of making things worse. A better the devil you know kind of thinking. It is a very natural and strong human instinct for things to remain the same. And so the greatest barrier to creating change is our own state of inertia. We like to stay deeply nestled in our comfort zone, often tolerating situations and states that are not in our own best interests for much longer than we need to. We tolerate pain and discomfort as we fear the alternative might be worse.

However change comes whether we want it or not, so why not create the changes you want rather than wait for change to be forced upon you?

Now, I'm not necessarily suggesting leaping into huge changes. Perhaps start small and make little shifts in your thinking or behaviour that will enhance your life on a daily basis. People often say that children grow up so fast so to make the most of them. What they don't say is that your life is passing by at the same time, so to make the most of that too. Don't waste it staying the same if that isn't serving you. Create the changes you want rather than wait for change to be forced upon you!

"Having tasted a life wasted, I'm never going back again." (Pearl Jam)


  • Here are some questions to consider around the topic of change: • What discomforts are you tolerating on a regular basis?
  • Where are you wasting your time/life?
  • In what areas of your life are you ill prepared for if/when change occurs?
  • What subtle pain or irritations are you just putting up with rather than changing?
  • How is fear keeping you stuck?

• What is the cost of inaction?

If there are changes that you need to make, let's talk:


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