Are You So Future Focussed That You’re Missing Out On Now?

I am a fan of the seasons. I love how each one has its own personality. I love the constantly evolving visuals from stark to voluptuous, differing weather, and shifting temperatures and day light timings.

I've noticed however that a lot of people don't seem to particularly notice or appreciate this constant opera of nature. I feel for them as they are missing a rich array of joy and stimulation that is freely available to all of us.

Often the seasons are judged by what we have to gain or lose. Such as looking forward to presents at Christmas or a holiday in summer. It can be common to spend a lot of time focusing on a perceived happy point in time in the future rather than being present and fully appreciating what's happening right now. Does this happen to you? Is your year focused on building up to an annual holiday? Do you spend your life eagerly anticipating a time in the future?

But what happens then? It comes to pass. It happens. You live joyously in the moment for a week or two. And then it's gone and you are back home and living daily life as if it never happened. Then it starts all over again, the saving, planning and living for the holiday next year. Round and round it goes with your mind constantly projected forward waiting to be happy again in the future. This could equally be applied to living for a Saturday night out each week.

Admittedly, it is lovely to have breaks away and nights out. However I prefer to appreciate and relish each day and each season as it comes by. For me it is important to live life in a way that everyday feels fulfilling and that I am not eager to escape.

That said, it is equally important to set meaningful longer term goals and to consistently work towards them. Striking the balance here is vital.

As part of creating my new programme 'Design a Life You Love' I have explored themes around consciously creating a life you love living. This incorporates the mix of internal and external factors such as having a sense of bigger purpose and broader goals, and managing your mindset to improve life now. I have found that when you are living a life you love every day then a holiday becomes the cherry on top whilst life in the now prospers and thrives.

"What matters is to live in the present, live now, for every moment is now. It is your thoughts and acts of the moment that create your future. The outline of your future path already exists, for you created its pattern by your past." - Sai Baba


Here are some questions to consider around appreciating your time now more:

  • What do you enjoy about each season? What are your favourite aspects? How could you make more of them?
  • What small acts could you do to make more of each season's uniqueness?
  • What is the best part of your day? What's the favourite part of your week? How could you do more of this?
  • What is missing from your daily/weekly life that would make you feel happier?
  • What one thing could you change to make each day a more positive experience?

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