Are You a Dream Stealer?

Are you a dream stealer

I have a dream that one day I will live in a mini-manor house. I can literally see it in my mind's eye - wandering down corridors and hallways in my pyjamas, curling up in a nook or cranny to read a book, feeling the heat from an open fire on my face, appreciating the frosty countryside view out of the window...

I have found that almost everyone I have shared this dream with has immediately said, 'Oh but you'd need to clean it!' or 'Think about the electricity bill!'

Were these the first thoughts that came to mind when you read this? Or did you get some other limiting thought?

These examples may seem like harmless comments made in the spur of the moment, but that could just be enough to plant the seed of doubt or to taint a dream for someone who is sharing it in those vulnerable and fragile early stages when the dream is still forming.

Most people don't realise that when someone tells you their dream, in that moment when you share your criticism, disbelief or cynicism, you are in effect poisoning that dream. Energetically you are stomping all over it clumsily with your big boots on.

Dreams and aspirations start out like fragile new born birds, and you need to protected them.

If you have a dream emerging or newly formed, be careful who you share it with.

Some people intend to crush other people's dreams as soon as they voice them as a way to protect them. For example if your child says they want to become an artist, or a footballer or an actor - it is common to immediately think of how hard it might be to achieve this and so voice this negative perception to the child rather than offering words of support or encouragement. Thus voicing a limiting belief and implanting the seed of doubt in them before they've even mulled over the idea fully or taken any action to find out for themselves what is possible for them.

Most people do not consciously intend to crush your ideas or dreams, but they do it nonetheless. This is often due to disbelief that it is possible to achieve. They are applying their own sense of limitation on to you, which is a wholly inaccurate reading of what is possible for you.

Another reason why people verbally stomp all over your dream is subconsciously based on fear that it might actually happen and that they might lose you in some way as things change.

If someone shares their dream with you this is a real privilege as they are sharing something precious and vulnerable. Take a breath before you respond. Think about how lovely it would be for that person to have something they desire come true for them. And respond from this place of love rather than sowing the seeds of doubt - as that is a reflection of your energy, not theirs.

If in doubt - respond in the way that you would want someone to respond to you if the tables were turned.

And if you tell your dream or ambition to someone and they don't respond in the way you would like, remember that that is a reflection of the stuff going on with them, and is actually nothing to do with what is possible for you. Keep nurturing and feeding that seed of a dream and see where it takes you!

I'd love to know what you are dreaming of creating, or what you are actively working on creating in your life. If you'd like to share and get some encouragement in return, come on over to my 'Pursue Your Passions (Business and Personal)' Facebook Group:

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