Why I Coach Passionate People To Go From Anxiety and Stress To Loving Life

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I do the work I do.

There are lots of reasons why I coach and mentor people to move from living in a place of anxiety and stress to being able to live powerfully – loving life and feeling amazing.


One of the main reasons is that I really want as many people as possible to know that you have a choice about how you think, feel and behave.

I really want as many people as possible to understand that you have the control over how you think, feel and behave, and that it is your responsibility what you think, feel and behave.

So your quality of life, your experience of life… This is something that you have control over.

Now I know it doesn’t always feel that way, but what drives me is that when I found this out, it gave me what I needed to start committing to changing my life for the better and making this a lifelong commitment.

I used to be…

I used to be someone who was unhappy. I just lived in a kind of greyness. My life was kind of stressful even though it wasn’t. I was stressed. I found things stressful. I felt anxious. I didn’t have strong relationships. I didn’t have friendships particularly. I didn’t enjoy life. I didn’t have fun. I didn’t feel good in my body. I felt like I was getting old way before I needed to feel that. Things would push me, of course, like family stuff. Tricky relationships would just scupper me and take me off course.

The thing is that I’ve always been someone who when I want something, I go for it, and I do what it takes to make it happen when I really want it and it’s important to me.

So I know that I’m supposed to be working with other people like that, people who are probably successful in various ways, but who find that childhood stuff, past stuff, is just coming up sometimes and just sideswiping you and taking you off course… Or relationships are getting to you… Or fears, stuff you’re scared of, are getting in the way or making life trickier and causing anxiety.

This is all stuff that I’ve been through and overcome, and so I know that you can overcome it too.

My ‘Why’ is really about…

My ‘Why’ really is about being able to support people who have passion, who have a sense of purpose, who have a sense of something they’re supposed to be doing in the world. Whether that’s being like the most ninja kind of mom, or whether that’s developing a home business, or whether that’s conquering the world in some way, or spreading a mission… Whatever it is, I work with people who have passions and like to be proactive with those passions.

I am here to support whose people when they find that their ‘stuff’ is getting in the way of their passions. So they’re not able to show up as well in their business, or in their family life, or for their passions, because this sh*t is coming up and it knocking them off their feet, sideswiping them and getting them down.

When this happens you are not operating at your best. You’re not necessarily looking after yourself in the best way and you’re not showing up in the best way that you can. You’re not showing up as well as you would like to.

So my job is to…

So my job is to help you stop the patterns of this stuff coming up over and over and impacting on you in a debilitating way, so that you can then operate at your best and be able to go do what you are supposed to be doing in the world in a powerful and liberating way.

If this is you post a comment below or pop me an email. I’d love know more about your journey.

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