Do You Dread Christmas?

I did my first live Periscope broadcast with me speaking to camera yesterday! This was massively outside of my comfort zone. I sat for ages holding my phone, hands shaking, daring myself to press the start button.

The 'scope was about coaching and dreading Christmas.

I didn't realise until recently just how many people dread Christmas. Not just Christmas necessarily, but the whole season.

I can really appreciate that as I have had a variety of Christmasses past that have left a lot to be desired.

Christmas can really highlight what we consider to be lacking in our lives and put a lot of pressure on us to live a certain type of experience at that time of year.

So, for the first time I am offering Christmas coaching for anyone who feels uncomfortable at this time of year, but who equally wants to create a different outcome for themself this time round.

If this is you, then I'd be happy to talk with you. Let's arrange a call:

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