Feeling Caged? You Can Soar In Your Life If You Really Want To

You can soar in life if you really want to. (Bird flying over mountains.) www.hazeladdleycoaching.com

I noticed today that a lot of people are now talking about 2016 and the following trail of thought came to mind...

When are you going to start living your life in a way that you truly love?

Next year?...


When I get time?...

When I get round to it?...


We think we've got ages, right? Infinite time ahead of us to get around to doing what we want to do. To get around to living the way we secretly dream of.

But a friend of mine who was younger than me passed away unexpectedly this year.

This morning I found out that a singer I admired, whose voice had been very present in my life during my teens, had passed away unexpectedly yesterday.

"You know time is long, and life is short. Begin to live while you still can." (Pearl Jam)

It is so easy in life to put off really living. What I mean by that is REALLY living. Living in a way that you feel happy and so utterly alive. Where you are living in tune with who you really are and doing what you do best. Where you feel so full of happiness that you are brimming over with it.

Often we settle for mediocre lives, influenced by external circumstances, letting ourselves become shrink wrapped and packaged into a boxes that don't feel like the right fit for us.

Do we do something to change it?

Sadly, often not.

For a multitude of reasons, we often just stay the same. Keep doing the same. And keep getting the same.

What I am learning is that my role in life is to firstly, sort this shit out for myself. To trial and road test all that I am learning through my personal and spiritual development.

And secondly, to use what I learn and know to help others who are not happy and want more for themselves. I help people to break free of the little cages they find themselves in.

And I want you to know this - If you are in one of those cages right now, you have a choice to leave that cage... even if you don't think you do! You do!

You have so many choices available to you right now and, if you choose, you can step out of that cage, and spread your wings and fly high!

I believe in you and the infinite possibilities that are out there for you to live an amazing life!

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