How My Fear Tried To Stop Me

Fear. We all get it. It comes up for us when embarking upon change (or even just considering it!). This is a topic I coach on regularly.

I found myself experiencing the impact of fear quite strongly recently. It was being triggered as I was pushing myself forward into new ways of working.

One day in particular I noticed the resistance creep in and felt how debilitating it was threatening to be to me continuing to take any more steps in the direction I wanted to go.

I really felt as if I could have stopped it all there and then. The resistance was so strong. It was like a physical weight on me. Like I was getting heavier and the air was becoming thick like treacle. I felt pretty awful too and all I really wanted to do was hide under the covers and not come out again.

Even if it was in disguise as procrastination and feeling rough, I recognised that it was fear impacting on me. It was rearing up, trying to intimidate me into stopping what I was doing.

Fear can take on many guises, so I'm glad to say that I saw it for what it was. The significance to me of the positive steps forward that I was taking were being met with equal resistance from within me to stop. This was due to the fear part of me becoming activated as it believed that this new path was a risk to me.

So how did I deal with it?

Once I recognised what was going on, my approach to dealing with it was to be kind to myself. I took regular time-outs during the day to let myself rest and refocus.

I also didn't let fear stop me taking the actions I wanted to take. I kept taking action, even when the fear was at its most ferocious and telling me all sorts of nasty things about why I shouldn't proceed.

The thing is, I knew that the fear had a job to do. It is one that I appreciate and respect (to keep me safe!). And I acknowledged that I heard it but that was also going to continue on my chosen path despite the fear based resistance. Oddly, sometimes fear just likes to know that you have heard it and taken it into account.

The point I want to make is that fear will always be a player in our lives. It manifests differently for each of us, often in disguise. But don't use it as an excuse not to pursue your dreams or goals. Recognise it. Respect it. Work with it. Continue on your chosen path.

(On a side note it served as a great reminder to me of what my clients go through as they courageously face up to their fears regularly despite often strong inner resistance!)

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Whatever you do, if you are ready to change, do something!

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