Working With Energy Changed Everything

I was asked recently by the lovely Clare Nisbet to write my energy story for theTingle & Glow blog. Clare does amazing work supporting individuals with finding wellbeing solutions, and so I was delighted to be asked!

If you are curious about the energy stuff and what the impact might be of doing it, this will give you a little insight...


Energy work is the most powerful way I have found to change your life. To move it from feeling like a shitstorm of repeatedly bouncing along rock bottom or like an exhausting uphill struggle, to actually loving life, loving yourself and achieving your biggest goals! 

How can I say that with such confidence? Because I have applied it to myself and my life rigorously. Everything I share comes from first-hand experience and from what my clients share with me.

I used to live a life that felt like I was shrink-wrapped into a very small space. I was anxious nearly all the time and scared of so much. Although I was strong minded and when I really wanted something, I would go for it, due to low self-worth I was questioning and fighting myself the whole time too. Which obviously slowed down progress and got in the way of achieving my goals.

 When I discovered energy work… [Read more here]

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