Each Coach is Different, So How Do You Choose? 6 Top Tips to Pick the Best Coach For You

When considering coaching it can feel overwhelming when looking at the range of coaches and coaching programmes out there. There are coaches for career, business, life purpose, relationships, money, health... and the list goes on. So how do you find the right coach for you?

Here are some tips on what to consider when looking for a coach:

Reason for coaching: The first thing to consider is what do you need coaching for? What particular area of your life, or what topic, do you want to improve/change/develop and think coaching might be able to help you with? Consider what do you need support with and then look for a coach who specialises in that particular niche area.

Location: Often the starting point for a search for a coach is location. However nowadays a large number of coaches work via telephone or Skype, so you can select your coach from potentially anywhere in the world (as long as time zones and languages are compatible). However if receiving coaching face-to-face is important to you then location will be an important factor to consider.

Timings: Some coaches operate within very specific time frames. For example, some only operate during weekdays 9-5, whilst others are only available in the evenings. It is worth checking this out with each coach you are interested in working with to ensure you will be compatible.

Personality Compatibility/Do you like them?: It is very important that you click with your coach. Ideally you would feel that this is someone you would like to spend time with and who you trust and respect. For coaching to be most effective you will need to be able to be totally honest and frank with your coach, and so feeling comfortable with them is key. Another factor to consider is that your coach's job is to challenge you in order to open up new thinking and ideas, so again, they need to be someone who you will feel relaxed and confident with.

Qualifications/Credentials: A lot of professionals call themselves a coach when they may not actually have a coaching qualification. If this is important to you, ask about their coaching training and experience.

Referrals: Ask around to get recommendations for coaches from people you know and trust. A coach who might be the right match for them may not be for you, so do your due diligence, taking into account the factors above. Also look out for testimonials from other coaching clients to find out what kind of impact coaching has had with that particular coach.

Ultimately, whoever you pick to support you needs to feel like a good fit for you. Trust your instincts on this as it is a very personal decision.

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