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Working With Energy Changed Everything

Energy work is the most powerful way I have found to change your life. To move it from feeling like a shitstorm of repeatedly bouncing along rock bottom or like an exhausting uphill struggle, to actually loving life, loving yourself and achieving your biggest goals!


How To Know If You Are Ready For The Power Up Programme

The Power Up programme is aimed at businesswomen who are ready to unleash their true potential and uplevel their business so that it has greater impact.

It takes you from stalling or wheel spinning, feeling stuck at a plateau in your business to confidently taking strides forward to getting your business starting to have the bigger impact that you desire.

How to know if you are ready for this programme….


Unleash the Full Potential of Your Business By Stopping Confusion and Indecision Paralysis

Are you side stepping making a decision in your business, or avoiding looking at a particular area due to confusion about what to do? Are you struggling to make a choice, and this is holding you back from moving forwards?

Indecision and confusion halts progress towards your goals and shuts you down emotionally. Whilst in this state, you are energetically u-turning and going round in circles, until you break this cycle.

If you run a business it is important to address confusion and indecision, and any associated avoidance going on, as it may be getting in the way of putting out new products and services, attracting new business, or operating your business most effectively.

Any area where you have confusion or indecision will be energetically impeding the flow in your business. There will most likely be repercussions to this, even if it isn’t immediately apparent. Such as stalling on acting upon opportunities and missing out to competitors.


Why You Don’t Feel Free

The frustrating thing with us humans is that we choose our cages and we choose to stay in them.

Amazingly it can often be changed often without changing anything in your external world.


How My Fear Tried To Stop Me

Fear. We all get it. It comes up for us when embarking upon change (or even just considering it!). This is a topic I coach on regularly. I found myself experiencing the impact of fear quite strongly recently. It was being triggered as I was pushing myself forward into new ways of working. One day in particular […]


Spring Clean Your Life to Make Space for the New

Coaching is about creating change in one form or another. When you introduce something new into your life, something else needs to give in order to make space for this new thing. One of the ways that you may be stopping yourself from having what you want is by not enabling enough room for that new […]