How to Design a Life You Love – Part 3

Once you have given yourself permission to design a life you love and you have engaged your 'architect' (system or framework you will use) you are ready to get designing!

Here are some key steps for designing a life you love:

Set meaningful and powerful goals:

Consider what aspirations you have. Allow yourself to dream big and imagine what you would want if you could have anything in the world. Also look at what you want in each of the priority areas in your life.

Then pick your top priority goals to work on first.

Know your core values:

Each of us has core values which are unique to us and which usually don't change during our lifetime. These core values are our internal guidelines for how we live our lives. I have heard them described as being 'who we are'. When we live in alignment with them we are more likely to be happy.

A word of caution about core values however. They will subconsciously strongly influence every decision you make. So your core values can keep you stuck in a situation that you are not happy in if one of them is being well met in that circumstance. If this happens you most likely won't let yourself change the situation until you find an alternative way of meeting that value.

So being conscious of your core values can be incredibly powerful in decision making. If you are conscious of them you can use them to your advantage. You are also more likely to achieve goals that are in alignment with your core values.

Know your life purpose:

Find out the unique purpose for your life and set goals to achieve it. I believe that there is something that each of us were born to do. Something that impacts externally of us that we can contribute to the world. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, although it may be. It usually is a combination of doing something which we feel passionate about and which also benefits others in some way. It is often something we are good at and love doing.

Look inside:

Having a life you love is loving the life you have and loving yourself. If you are not comfortable and happy with you, then you will be always be fighting internally, which has a way of manifesting in our lives externally.

Imagine how you feel on a frequency chart of emotions ranging from positive to negative. Ideally you would make a practice of improving how you feel about yourself and your life in order to lift your entire frequency to a higher, more positive place up the scale so that your neutral point will naturally be higher.

This involves bringing up the negatives on the bottom of your scale (fears, low self worth, habits and beliefs that sabotage us) and also raising the positives on the top (high self worth, self love, increased confidence and resilience). If you do this, life will feel better even if nothing changes externally! (And it is more likely to improve externally when you feel better about yourself!)

So once you've pulled it all together into your design and you're ready to get building!

I have created a programme to take you through all of the above stages, called 'Design a Life You Love.' In this programme you'll learn how all of this applies to you and you'll create your own unique design that you can then go ahead and build!

The Design a Life You Love Programme is currently closed for new participants to the online programme, however if you sign up to receive my newsletter you will be the first to find out news of when it will start again. The programme is open for the 1-1 coaching option however.

Happy designing!


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