Laugh Everyday To Increase Happiness

Coming from someone who has spent the last couple of years focusing what feels like almost every waking moment striving for something, it has become clear to me how incredibly important it is to enjoy the now. To relish every moment.

To do that I have found having happiness as a daily goal really helpful. It is easy to put striving for a future goal ahead of enjoying the now but ultimately all we ever have is this moment right now, so we need make the most of it.

I have found laughter to be a fantastic tool for being really in the moment and increasing feelings of happiness in my day.

In recent times I have found my feelings of happiness bubble over into laughter more often and the act of laughing in turn increases my feelings of happiness further.

I used to cover my mouth when I laughed. Now, as I get happier in my own skin and in my life, I am finding that my laugh has grown bigger. It startles me sometimes when in a public situation. But then I remind myself that it is okay to be jubilant at the little things. It is okay to laugh like I really mean it. To let myself really feel it.

It is so cathartic to laugh every day. We are often laughing in my family. I like watching comedy films and silly cat videos. I also laugh at myself as I go about my day as I remind myself to not take things too seriously.

How often do you laugh each day? What makes you laugh? I mean really laugh? Consider how you can let yourself be happier in the moment by adding more laughter into your day.

To feel happier every day, and to inhabit the moment more fully, use laughter as a tool to help you achieve this. It is such a simple thing that adds so much to your quality of life.

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Wishing you much happiness and laughter!


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